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We.Retail is a reference implementation that illustrates the recommended way of setting up an online presence with Adobe Experience Manager.

While it illustrates a retail vertical, the way the site is setup can be applied to any vertical, and only the product catalog and cart features are retail specific.


Technology Preview

The reference implementation is currently still under development and is far from finished: many capabilities aren't illustrated yet in that reference, and others might need to be reworked.

However, it offers the opportunity to experience and evaluate new and emerging recommendations.

Getting Started


  1. A running development instance of Adobe Experience Manager

  2. Administrative rights


We.Retail should not be installed on production instances!

If you didn't start Adobe Experience Manager yourself, for e.g. by double-clicking the JAR file, then it is likely that you don't want to install We.Retail.

Download & Installation

  1. On your instance, access the Package Manager on:
    http://<server name>:<port number>/crx/packmgr/

  2. Click Upload Package, and select the "we.retail.all[...]" ZIP file downloaded on point 1, then click OK and wait for the package to upload.

  3. Once the uploaded package appears on the top of the list, click Install, validate by clicking Install again, and wait for it to compete.

First Steps

  1. Once installed, the site We.Retail is available in the Sites admin.

  2. For example, following page can be opened and it should look as displayed in the appendix below:
    http://<server name>:<port number>http://localhost:4502/editor.html/content/we-retail/language-masters/en.html

Main Capabilities


Code on GitHub

You can find the code of this page on GitHubOpen 

If you encounter issues, please file GitHub issues.

Also feel free to fork, or to contribute with pull requests.


Preview of the We.Retail welcome page: