How to obfuscate the Apache Felix HTTP Service Jetty keystore password?


  1. Download the jetty-util jar file.

  2. Run this command:

    java -cp jetty-util-9.4.3.v20170317.jar {password}

    Replace {password} with the password of the keystore.

    ​For example:

    > java -cp ~/Downloads/jetty-util-9.4.3.v20170317.jar password
    2018-05-23 21:06:42.444:INFO::main: Logging initialized @121ms to org.eclipse.jetty.util.log.StdErrLog
  3. Create the a text file org.apache.felix.http.config.

  4. Edit the file, copy / paste the OBF value from the output in step 2 as the org.apache.felix.https.keystore.password property.  Include"false" to avoid the value being persisted in the Oak repository.  Other properties could be copied from the server under crx-quickstart/launchpad/config/org/apache/felix/http.config."false"
  5. Stop AEM.

  6. Copy the file to the server under  crx-quickstart/install/org.apache.felix.http.config.

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