Introduction to articles

Articles provide an easy way to create relationships among page items. These relationships can be used to define the content to be exported to EPUB, HTML, or Accessible PDFs; and to define the order of the content. You can create articles from a combination of existing page items within a layout, including images, graphics, or text. Once an article has been created, page items can be added, removed, or reordered. Articles can be created manually by dragging one or more page items to an article in the Articles panel.

You can also add bulk content to an article. Adding selected content to selected article, or adding an entire document content to an article is supported.

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Adobe recommends
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The XML structure panel provides another mechanism to decide the order of the content to be exported to the ePub, HTML, and Accessible PDF exports workflows. The Articles panel is designed to be simpler, easier to use, and more accessible, for people without XML skills. However, the ability to use the XML structure panel has not been removed; it is now an option alongside the use of the Articles panel during the export process. See Structuring documents for XML.

Create an article and add content to it

  1. Choose Window > Articles to open the Articles panel.

  2. Select the page items to add to the article.


    To create an empty article, don’t select a page item in the layout.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Choose New Article from the Articles panel menu.

    • Click Create New Article at the bottom of the Articles panel.

    • Drag story or page element to the Articles panel.

  4. In the New Article dialog box, enter a name for the article.

  5. Select Include When Exporting to add the article to the EPUB/HTML export output.

Add all page items in a document to an article

To add all the page items to an article:

  1. Choose Window > Articles to open the Articles panel.

  2. Select an article to add the items to. If you don’t select an article, a new article is created.

  3. Press Command (Mac OS) or Ctrl (Windows) and then click the in the Articles panel.

  4. If a New Article dialog box opens, enter a name for the article.

  5. Select Include When Exporting to add the article to the EPUB/HTML export.


If you’ve selected an article, choose Add Document Content to Selected Articles from the articles panel menu.

Manage articles

You can manage articles using the Articles panel. You can drag page elements into the Articles panel to add them to an article. Drag items in the Articles panel to change the order, or move them from one article to another.

The Articles panel pop-up menu also provides options to manage content.

Include articles for export

You can create articles and select which articles to include while exporting to EPUB or HTML. By default, all articles are selected for export.

To include an article while exporting, in the Articles panel, select the article and do one of the following:

  • Select the check box next to the article.

  • Choose Article Options from the Articles panel pop-up menu and then select Include When Exporting.

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