Learn how to easily switch between a credit card or PayPal as your preferred payment method.

Switch between a credit card and PayPal

  1. Sign in to your Adobe account with your Adobe ID and password.

  2. In the navigation bar at the top, click Plans.

    In the navigation bar, click Plans
  3. Click Manage plan.

  4. Click Manage payment.

    The Edit payment method pop-up window appears. 

    Edit payment method


    If the Edit payment method pop-up window doesn't appear and you see the Plan Information screen instead, contact us to switch your payment method.  In countries served by Digital River, Adobe's e-commerce partner, it’s not possible to make changes online.

  5. In the Edit payment method pop-up window, select your payment method—credit card or PayPal—and then do one of the following:

    • PayPal to credit card:  If you are switching from PayPal to credit card, enter your credit card details.
    • Credit card to PayPal:  If you are switching from credit card to PayPal, click Sign into PayPal, and follow the instructions on the PayPal site. You are then directed back to the Adobe site. 

    PayPal to credit card

    Switch from PayPal to a credit card
    Switch from PayPal to a credit card

    Credit card to PayPal

    Switch from a credit card to PayPal
    Switch from a credit card to PayPal
  6. To save your changes, click Save


    If the same credit card is linked to multiple subscriptions, all subscriptions are updated when you change credit card information for any one of the subscriptions.

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