Learn how to locate and import media with the Media Browser panel.

What you learned: Import media with the Media Browser panel

Browse, preview, and import media files with the Media Browser panel.

What is the Media Browser?

The Media Browser is a panel in which you can browse, preview, and import various media types.

Locate your media files

  • Use the folder navigator to select a folder containing media, and preview the media that you want to import. At the top of the Media Browser panel, use the filename search, and file types drop-down menu to filter the view and reduce the number of files to browse through.

Add Media Browser favorites

  • Right-click a folder you expect to visit often and choose Add to Favorites to create a shortcut for quick access in the future.

Preview the media files

  1. To preview media files in the Media Browser panel, choose Thumbnail View to see thumbnails of currently viewed media files.
  2. Double-click a file to preview it in the Source monitor, or move the mouse cursor over a thumbnail to see the contents displayed in the thumbnail.

Types of media you can import with the Media Browser

The Media Browser panel should be your first-choice import method for all types of media, especially if you’re working with fragmented media file types.

Import clips

  • To import selected clips into your current project, right-click on them and choose Import.

Tip: If in doubt, import with the Media Browser panel.


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Original Media: “The Ancestor Simulation,” directed by Maxim Jago

Presenter: Maxim Jago

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