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You can use Preview to see how a digital asset looks when it is viewed by a customer in their own web browser. The default embedded, cross-device viewer that is assigned to the asset is used for the Preview.

A viewer is a collection of various settings or "presets," such as the viewer display size, zoom behavior, color schemes, borders, fonts, and so forth, that determine how users view rich-media assets on their computer screens and mobile devices.

Besides using the dedicated Preview feature for video, spin sets, and image sets, you can also preview an asset by using viewer presets that you have created. Or, use image presets to preview renditions of images.


When you are on a webpage (Sites) in AEM, you cannot preview assets in Edit mode. You need to go to Preview mode by clicking on the magnifying glass.

To preview assets:

  1. From Adobe Experience Manager, on the Navigation page, tap Assets.

  2. Near the upper-right corner of the page, from the View drop-down list, tap List View.

  3. Use the information in the Type column of the list to navigate to an asset that you want to preview.

  4. Tap the image, video, spin set, or image set that you want to preview.

  5. Depending on the asset you tapped, do one of the following:

    • If you selected a spin set or an image set, tap the Views icon and select Preview Set to open the set in place for previewing.

      Use the + and - icons to increase or decrease the zoom of the selected image, respectively. Click Reset to return the image to the original zoom.
      If you are on a mobile device, double-tap the image to zoom in by steps. When you reach maximum zoom, double-tap the image again to reset the zoom state. Drag across the image to pan.
      To return to the set list, click the Back icon located above the preview page.
    • If you selected a spin set, or an image set, tap the Views icon, and then select Viewer Presets. Tap a viewer preset name to open the set or video in its own page frame for previewing.

      Click to zoom in on the image by steps. Or, double-click the image to reset the zoom state.
      Drag the image to reposition it within the preview frame.
    • If you selected an image or multimedia asset, tap the Renditions icon on the toolbar.

      In the left rail, tap an image preset name or a specific adaptive video set rendition to open it in its own page frame for previewing.

      Selecting a higher-resolution video rendition to preview may cause the video to appear truncated. That is because the rendition preview shows you the exact resolution that your customers will see it, all in the context of the embedded viewer that is used for the preview.

      When you preview an adaptive video set at the Asset level the renditions are grouped into one playback experience. That is, the adaptive video is sized properly for viewing and played back using the best resolution in the context of your viewing device and connection speed.  
    • If you selected an image or multimedia asset, tap the Views icon, and then tap the Viewer Presets.

      In the left rail, tap an image preset name or a video preset name (Video_social and Video are "out-of-the-box" video viewer presets that come with Dynamic Media) to view the asset.

      To enable or disable viewer presets in the user interface, see Managing Viewer Presets.


    If you select a rendition and then select Viewer presets, viewer presets may not load properly. Re-load the asset and select the viewer preset without selecting a rendition first.