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A Viewer Preset is a collection of settings that determine how users view rich-media assets on their computer screens and mobile devices. You can apply any viewer presets created by your administrator to an asset.

If you are an administrator and need to manage, create, sort, and delete viewer presets, see Managing Viewer Presets.


All viewer presets, including out-of-the-box viewer presets, must be published first before you can use them unless you have Feature Pack 14410 installed. See Publishing Viewer Presets.

Users that have Feature Pack 14410 installed may not need to publish viewer presets depending on what publish mode they are using.

In addition, for any problems with viewer presets if you have Feature Pack 14410 installed, see Troubleshooting Dynamic Media for Feature Pack 14410.

Applying a viewer preset to an asset

To apply any applicable viewer preset to an asset:

  1. Open the asset and in the left rail, and click or tap Viewers.



    • The URL (and Embed and RESS) buttons appear after you select a viewer preset.
    • By default, the system shows 15 viewer presets when you select Viewers in an asset's detail view. You can increase this limit. See Increasing the number of viewer presets that display.

  2. Select a viewer from the left pane to apply it to the asset. A separate popup window with the viewer preset applies displays. You can also copy the URL to share with others users.

Obtaining Viewer Preset URLs

To get the URLs for Viewer Presets, see Linking URLs to your Web application.