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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) comes with a variety of out-of-the-box components that provide comprehensive functionality for website authors. They are available when editing a page and are grouped by main functional area (called component group) to aid filtering.

The components are available when editing a page. To aid filtering, the components are grouped by main functional area (i.e. component group).


This section only discusses components that are available out-of-the-box in a standard AEM installation.

Depending on your instance you may have customized components developed explicitly for your requirements. These may even have the same name as some of the components discussed here.

Overview of All Components

The Components Console gives an overview of the component groups, and components, that are provided by your AEM installation. You can view key information about the individual components and their usage.

Components - Major Areas

The following pages provide fast links to some of the major areas of content management (links to further areas are given on the overview page above):

  • Components for Page Authoring
    Components used for creating standard page content are primarily contained in the groups General, Columns and Forms.

  • Communities
    Components found in the Communities component group provide interactive features for a website, such as forums and comments.  Many of these components are included when a Community Site is created.

  • eCommerce
    The eCommerce functionality within AEM also includes a range of components, contained in the Commerce group. Actual use can depend on the commerce engine being used.

Configuring Components

In addition to the components that authors can access in a standard installation, various other components are also available.

  • If your page is based on a static template, you can use design mode to enable/disable these and edit parameters for specific components.
  • If your page is based on an editable template, you can edit the template enable/disable these and edit parameters for specific components.