"Access denied" on replication


You see an error "Repository error during node import: Access denied." during replication in the error.log (or replication.log file if you have one configured).  For example:

The symptom can also be present on reverse replication, in this case, you will see:

com.day.cq.replication.Agent.publish1_reverse Cannot import content
com.day.cq.replication.ReplicationException: Repository error during node import: Access denied.. Remote outbox path:


The "Transport User" used by the replication agent is:

  • missing
  • has insufficient access
  • or the password entered in replication agent transport configuration doesn't match the user's password on the publish instance

On Reverse Replication, this would be caused by the same issue for the "Agent User Id" on the reverse replication user agent.    


To fix this issue:

For forward replication:

  1. Make sure the user configured in the replication agent Transport tab on the author instance exists on the publish instance. If the user doesn't exist, then log in to the publish instance and create the user.
  2. Validate that the password entered for the user correctly matches what is configured on the publish instance.
  3. Check the permissions of the user on the publish instance and make sure that the user has write permission for the paths that are being replicated.  Use http://host:port/useradmin UI to add necessary permissions.

For reverse replication:

  1. Ensure the Agent User Id is set and not left blank on the Reverse Replication Agent settings.
  2. The Agent User Id chosen needs to have the correct ACLs to have write access on the Author instance when pulling data from the Publish instance.
  3. This would need to be repeated for each replication agent defined.

For example: 
- /etc/replication/agents.author/publish1_reverse.html
- /etc/replication/agents.author/publish2_reverse.html
- /etc/replication/agents.author/publish3_reverse.html

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