Adobe Advertising Cloud Help Articles
These articles on Adobe Advertising Cloud will help you get the most out of the tool.
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1 Crucial Role of Cost Models: Managing Frequently Changing Budget In an account where the budget amount varies frequently every month and the history of traffic and conversions inflow has been strong, the ‘Cost Model’ feature of Advertising Cloud helps a lot in effective budget management. Click Here
2 Working with Social Bulksheets Creating a Bulksheet, Bulksheet Layout, Changing Ad Copy, Trackers, Changing Objectives through Bulksheets Click Here
3 Creating Constraints on Bids Constraints are bid rules that can restricts bid on bid units (keyword + match type) to a specific range or position range to support in maximizing the objective Click Here
4 Understanding Advertising Insights Day of Week Spend, Match Type, Campaign Caps, Portfolio Pre/Post, Quality Score, Mobile Optimization, Settings Audit, Location Target Performance Report Click Here
5 Using Dynamic parameters in Advertising Cloud Social Dynamic parameters are the best way to track and automate when building ads in Advertising Cloud Social. Utilizing the dynamic parameter functionality, you can give automatic naming conventions to all the ad sets and ads which you are creating picking/from the assets already uploaded in the Advertising Cloud. Click Here
6 Using Bulk Actions in Advertising Cloud Social This article discusses using the bulk actions feature of Advertising Cloud Social mainly cloning of Facebook ad sets using which you can create or clone thousands of Facebook campaigns, ad sets and ads with just click of a few buttons and the Formulaic bid changes. Click Here
7 Working with Model Inaccuracies Advertising Cloud technology predicts performance based on data models it builds over a period of time. However, at times, it is very challenging to get the models accurate. Hence, it is very important to keep a close eye on model accuracy. Click Here
8 Using Bulk Edit Feature in Advertising Cloud
Advertising Cloud has its competitive bidding technology with which it takes the control and automate bids on bid units (keyword + match type) using its algorithm such that it maximizes advertiser’s objective. Click Here
9 Benefits of Adobe Analytics & Advertising Cloud Integration If you’ve chosen Adobe Analytics, and either have Adobe Advertising Cloud or are considering it, there are significant benefits to using the two together, but you might not realise just how powerful these two solutions combined can be. Click Here
10 Working with Advertising Cloud Social Ads If you’re working on paid advertising on Social platforms and struggling with spending efficiently and maximising returns, or juggling workflows, here’s a quick look at how Adobe Advertising Cloud can help. Click Here
11 Integrating CRM data with Adobe Analytics & Advertising Cloud
Connect your CRM data, your on-site analytics data, and your Display ad serving – to get more value and deliver higher returns for your business. And the process is easier than you think if you’ve got Adobe Analytics and Advertising Cloud. Click Here
12 Using 'Tracking Campaigns' feature for Cross Channel Conversions Tracking campaigns feature unlocks the tracking power of Adobe Advertising Cloud, for advertising campaigns which are out of the ambit of advertising networks currently available in Advertising Cloud. Click Here
13 Understanding Segments Report in Adobe Advertising Cloud
Segments reports are the reports which are used to find the total unique audience available out of a page or trait where a particular segment pixel is placed. These segments are generally used to re-target the audiences in display and social campaigns. Click Here
14 Online Advertising Management with Advertising Cloud
Adobe Advertising Cloud more powerful since you last knew it, it’s also had a bit of a facelift – particularly with a focus on adding functionality that make it easier to visualise what’s going on with your accounts and share your insights across streams. Click Here
15 Create Effective & Efficient Shopping Campaigns how can you manage scale and spend with accuracy and speed both during your big sales and all year round? Click Here
16 How to delete Advertising Cloud Cookies Sometimes users see strange UI behaviors that are not specific to their logins. To resolve this, users need to clear Advertising Cloud cookies from the browser and log in again. In the browser, remove individual cookies that are from domain Click Here
17 Facebook Account does not show in Advertising Cloud when Linking Account In order for a Facebook account to be correctly linked to Advertising Cloud it must first be added to the project that is linked to the Advertising Cloud UI. Click Here