The number of non-unique views of the first screen of an app

Similar to the concept of "hits"


Form Template: The number of form submissions

Sweeps Template: The number of form submissions

Coupon Template: The number of contest entries

Mashup Template: The number of poll responses

Contest Template: The number of contest entries


The number of likes caused by a like gated link, navigation button, or form submission button

Likes are not recorded when the app is viewed on a web URL, that is the URL set when "Publish to a webpage" is checked in the publishing dialog

Share Stories

The number of share stories generated by form submission (form and sweeps), poll entry, contest entry, or contest vote

New/Return Visitors

Behaves differently depending on the user's country. The difference is due to differing privacy laws in different countries governing the use of cookies.

US, CA, IN, CN: A "new" visitor is one who has never viewed the app.

If a new visitor visits the app for the first time, a new visitor stat is recorded.

If a new visitor returns to the app any number of times within four hours after the first visit, a new stat recorded.

A "return" visitor is one who has visited the app before, but did not trigger the recording of a stat in the last four hours. If a new visitor returns after four hours, a single return visit stat is recorded.

Vote Count (on Gallery element)

The Vote Count that displays on a Contest entry in the Gallery Element is based on the number of votes submitted by app visitors for that entry over a time period. The time period is the same as specified in the Contest Entry restrictions on the app. Entry restriction options include:

  • Per Day
  • Per Week
  • Per 2 Weeks

For example, if you restrict voting to once per day, the Vote Count for entries displays the number of votes for that one day only. If you restrict votes to one vote per week, the Vote Count displays as the number of votes for the past week.

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