Setup resources for AEM Mobile tools.

You can download and install authoring tools for AEM Mobile.

Installing the AEM Mobile Packager


The AEM Mobile Packager (previously called the HTML Article Packager) is a utility that lets you package content in the appropriate format so that it can be uploaded to an article.

For details on creating HTML articles, see Create HTML articles.

Manually installing InDesign plug-ins

When you install or update InDesign, the latest tools for working with AEM Mobile are installed. In most instances, you can choose Help > Updates to install the latest update. However, in some situations, you might need to download and install the InDesign updates manually. Click the appropriate link to download and run the updater.

These installer updates apply to both Digital Publishing Suite and AEM Mobile.

InDesign AEM Mobile Desktop Tools (Mac OS)

InDesign AEM Mobile Desktop Tools (Windows)

For details on creating articles in InDesign, see Create articles in InDesign.


You can use InDesign CS6 or later to export article files for use in AEM Mobile apps. However, if you want to use InDesign to create DPS folios you must use CC 2014. Additionally, you must manually download and install version 2016.2.0 of the Digital Publishing Suite Tools for InDesign CC (2014) from the appropriate link above. The DPS Tools are not available for macOS High Sierra. You can install multiple versions of InDesign on your computer.

Installing AEM Mobile Export for Acrobat

AEM Mobile Export for Acrobat is an Acrobat DC Desktop add-on. You can use this tool to instantly convert any PDF into an article that can be used in AEM Mobile.

Mac OS (Last updated: 2020-16-01)

Windows (Last updated: 2017-05-04)

For information about using this Acrobat add-on, see Create articles from PDF files.