Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015) is now part of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile.

If your cards aren't appearing as you expect in your layout, check some of these common reasons:

  • Order of mapping rules is incorrect: Make sure that your general mapping rules are at the bottom of the list and that your more specific mapping rules are at the top. When you create a rule, it is added to the top of the list. After adding your rules, double-check to make sure that they appear in the correct order.
  • A card has too many columns: If a card has more columns than the layout it appears on, content that maps to that card doesn't appear on the browse page the layout is applied to. Make sure that the card doesn’t include more columns than its layout.
  • You're testing with published content: If you're testing your layout and cards with published content, you could see that your browse page doesn't update on your app for three to five minutes. With published content, there is a delay while the assets are pushed out to the download servers. Adobe recommends that when you build and test your layouts, you use a Preview app. After you make a change, use the Preview icon so that the changes appear quicker.

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