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Content doesn't appear in an app

My content doesn't appear in my app.


Check the following:

  • If you built an app with Enable Preview selected, click the Preview icon in the Content & Layouts section of the Portal to make content available in the preview app.
Content & Layouts
  • Make sure that you have created a collection with at least one article and that you added that collection to the top-level collection. The top-level collection is called either "default" or "default phone" and "default tablet," depending on your project settings.
  • Make sure that your content is available in the app. For example, if you create and publish a collection, remember to add it to an existing collection so that users can navigate to it.
  • If content apears properly on a tablet but not on a phone, or vice versa, check your project settings. If your project includes two top-level nav collections, you will have to add top-level content to both the "default phone" and "default tablet" collections.

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