Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015) is now part of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile.

To create articles for Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, use InDesign CS6 or later.

To create articles and folios for Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), use InDesign CC 2014, InDesign CC, or InDesign CS6. InDesign CC 2015 does not support the DPS folio workflow. For information on how to install an earlier version of InDesign along with the latest InDesign CC 2015 release, see the side-by-side installation Help topic.

InDesign CC 2015

  • Supports the AEM Mobile workflow
  • Includes the following components:
    • Export article for AEM Mobile using the InDesign Export dialog
    • Overlays panel

InDesign CC 2014, InDesign CC, InDesign CS6

  • Supports content creation for Digital Publishing Suite (DPS)
  • Includes the following components:
    • Overlays panel (used for both DPS and DPS 2015 workflows)
    • Folio Builder panel
    • DPS App Builder
    • Adobe Content Viewer for Desktop (deprecated)
  • Supports content creation for AEM Mobile

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