Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015) is now part of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile.

When a project is being created, a delay can occur while the analytics Report Suite is being provisioned. When a delay occurs, the project could be left in a “pending” state during the provisioning. The Report Suite in a pending project can cause problems when the app is used, until the provisioning is complete.

If your project is in a “pending” state, an issue occurred when the project was being created. To finish creating your project, try either of these options:

  • Wait. The project creation process could be continuing in the background and may eventually be completed successfully. Wait approximately 10 minutes and refresh your web browser to see if the state of the project refreshes.
  • Force a resumption of the creation process. You can force the project creation process to resume by editing the project. To force the project creation to resume, select the project, click the Edit Project icon, and then click Save. 

If the above actions do not resolve the issue, contact Adobe Support.

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