AEM Mobile includes product updates approximately every three weeks. Check here for bug fixes and release notes.

Bugs fixed for 2017.2 release (February 16)

iOS viewer bug fixes

  • Improved memory management to prevent apps from crashing for memory usage, such as when loading articles with multiple overlays. (4152880)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing apps to crash when navigating through multiple articles. (4153214)
  • Inline videos in HTML articles or dynamic banners can now play inline rather than full-screen only in iOS 10. This change is not yet reflected in the AEM Preflight app, and applies to UIWebView not WKWebView apps. (4155250)
  • Fixed an issue in which choosing Clear Content prevented swiping between top-level collections, even after quit and relaunch. (4155104)
  • Fixed an issue in which choosing Clear Content caused navto links to a page in another article to fail. (4154747)
  • Fixed an issue in which a triangle warning icon mistakenly appeared during explicit download. (4154611)
  • Fixed an issue in which a gray screen appeared when using a navto link to jump to another article and back. (4154548)
  • Horizontal navigation now works properly after tapping a navto link. (4154402)
  • Fixed an issue in which cards sometimes failed to display text after tapping navto link and returning. (4154074)
  • Fixed an issue in which opening to content view was slow if the user's last reading position was not on the first article of the collection. (4154015)
  • Fixed issues with transitions between views that did not match the previous release behavior. (4153482, 4153221)
  • Fixed a problem in which object states did not behave properly if the object state name includes multibyte characters. (4153236)
  • The UI is now updated properly when users sign out. (4153233)
  • Fixed a translation error for “Acknowledgements” in device settings. (4152617)
  • Fixed issues with jumping to anchors in HTML articles. (4151867, 4150465)
  • Fixed an issue in which tapping twice to display the navigation bar after tapping a relative navto for next article is no longer required. (4150488)





Android viewer bug fixes

  • Improved app stability. (4149340, 4148812, 4148673, 4148668)
  • Improved the camera plugin behavior. (4154760, 4151144)
  • Improved performance of back button. (4154760)
  • Improved app customization display. (4153749)
  • Improved support of single-article apps. (4153215)
  • Improved update experience. (4152585, 4138187)
  • Improved shared content workflow. (4152381)
  • Improved app upgrade workflow. (4150666)
  • Improved workflow of protected articles. (4149670)
  • Improved experience of HTML content. (4148732)





Desktop Web Viewer bug fixes

  • Fixed the timeout issue in which some links failed to work because HTML content took too long to load. (4152983)


Previous bug fix release notes

To see a list of bug fixes for previous releases, see History of bug fix release notes.

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