AEM Mobile includes product updates approximately every three weeks. Check here for bug fixes and release notes.

Bugs fixed for 2017.3 release (March 14)

iOS viewer bug fixes

  • Navto links to an article within a collection are now working properly. (4155700)
  • Explicit download of content is now available even if WiFi is turned off. (4155637)
  • HTML video set to play on appear in an HTML article or an InDesign web overlay no longer plays when out of view. (4155610)
  • HTML video set to play on appear in a dynamic banner no longer plays before the banner comes into view. (4155609)
  • HTML video with autoplay enabled no longer starts to play when the video area is not in view. (4155551)
  • Inline HTML videos no longer play full screen when WKWebview is turned on. (4155306)
  • Fixed an issue in which using the API to cancel custom authentication blocked the opening of any other web views. (4155266)
  • Banners and background images are now downloaded correctly in nested collections. (4155248)
  • Resolved an issue in which articles failed to download correctly at times. (4154719)
  • Resolved an issue with the display of pricing for retail content. (4153952)
  • Fixed an issue in which previously viewed articles appeared as protected after the device went offline and the app was quit. (4153087)
  • The relative local time format is now displayed correctly. (4152979)
  • The paywall is now displayed properly when navigating from a metered article to the metered article next to it by link. (4150509)






Android viewer bug fixes

  • Improved handling of goto:// links. (4155755)
  • Enhanced consistency of app launch experience for iOS and Android apps. (4154403)
  • Improved stability of custom authentication. (4154144)
  • Improved social sharing experience. (4153953)
  • Improved appearance of app customization. (4153739)
  • Increased breadth of HTML support. (4152977)
  • Addressed API support issues. (4152404)
  • Improved landscape app experience. (4149854)
  • Improved stability. (4149277)






Desktop Web Viewer bug fixes

  • Signing in now works properly even if local storage contains cache items generated by the previous version of Desktop Web Viewer. (4155708)
  • Search input box now has the proper focus on Internet Explorer 11 browsers when users use the Tab key to set focus. (4155132)
  • Fixed scrolling issue with some HTML articles. (4152255)


Services bug fixes

  • In certain workflows, collections can incorrectly contain out-dated references to entities. This issue is fixed. (4155759)
  • Resolved an issue in which items in a collection were not being updated when the collection the collection was updated. (4155742)





Previous bug fix release notes

To see a list of bug fixes for previous releases, see History of bug fix release notes.

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