Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) enables publishers to provide their content to readers in the People's Republic of China once they have signed a “China Addendum” to their Digital Publishing Suite Service Order. Adobe requires publishers who use DPS to maintain a valid General Administration of Press and Publication (“GAPP”) license for publications delivered into the China, unless the publisher has verified with qualified counsel in China that all content it distributes is legal and does not require a GAPP license or any other form of regulatory approval.

If you purchased your subscription to DPS through the Adobe Store, contact an Adobe sales representative to learn more about the China Addendum.

Once Adobe processes the China Addendum, the Master Administrator for the customer accounts will gain access to additional options in the Account Administration section of the DPS Dashboard.

China Contributor role

When you sign in to the DPS Dashboard using an Admin account, the China Contributor role appears in addition to Admin, DPS App Builder, and Application.

If you choose Enable, account users are permitted to preview content in the Adobe Content Viewer on their tablet prior to publication. The China Contributor role is intended for delegate accounts that are not allowed to publish and do not build apps, but that create or review folio content shared through the Folio Producer from the production account to the contributor's delegate account.

China Distribution setting

When you sign in to the DPS Dashboard using an Admin account, the China Distribution option becomes available in the Application Account settings.

Select the "Make folio content for this account accessible in the People's Republic of China" option to make the Application account content available to readers within China.

Note: Do not enable China Distribution for any account that does not comply with the “China Addendum“ terms.

The Addendum also specifies additional terms related to the Adobe® Content Viewer for Web. For information about the China Addendum, contact your Adobe representative.

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