With the "Use Customized Strings" option in the Advanced Options section of DPS App Builder, you can customize text strings stored in the viewer app in all supported languages. For example, you can customize button text in the library and text in dialog boxes.

In DPS App Builder, select Advanced Options in the App Details page, and then select Use Customized Strings. Click Generate Template to download an XML template to your Documents folder. DPS App Builder automatically points to this filename. You can then edit this XML file. If you’re editing a viewer created for a previous version, download and edit the newest template for best results.

When you edit the XML file, each UI element includes a <key name> and one or more language strings (such as <en> for English). Edit the text in the language code (such as <en>); do not change the <key name> string.

Editing UI text in the viewer app
When editing UI text in the viewer app, change the language code but not the key name.

Editing library, store, and slot names

(Enterprise) You can also use this XML file to edit the "Library" and "Viewer" labels and to include language strings for the labels below the custom icons in the navigation toolbar. A set of UI elements appear near the end of the XML file with keynames such as "Library," "iPad viewer label," and "iPad Custom slot 1 label." The custom slot numbers correspond to the order from left to right of the custom icons you add between the Library and Viewer buttons in the Navigation Toolbar section. For the custom slot labels, specify the language strings, such as "<en>Help</en>" and "<es>Ayuda</es>" for English and Spanish, respectively.

Editing custom stores and slots
Editing custom stores and slots

Editing "Buy Issue" buttons in library

When you create a subscription app, the default label for the single-issue purchase button is “Buy Issue.” You can customize this value by adding this string to the “Showcase Buy” string through App Builder: %@.

Buy issue in the library
Before editing, "Buy Issue" will appear in the library.

Replace buy issue
Replace "Buy Issue" with "%@" to make the price appear in the library.

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