Two different DPS viewer types are available for Android devices: the legacy AIR-based viewer and the new native viewer. Some of the features that work in the iPad viewer are not supported in one or both Android viewers.

  • HTML content that works in mobile Safari might behave differently in other device browsers. See Creating HTML articles for Android viewers.
  • Subscriptions are supported for iOS but not Google Play Store.
  • iOS viewers display only folios with either a 4:3 aspect ratio (iPad) or a 3:2/16:9 aspect ratio (iPhone). The folio content is scaled up or down to fit the screen. However, Android viewers display any folio size. Content is scaled and letterboxed as necessary.
  • Push notifications is not supported on Android.
  • Social sharing through the Web Viewer is not supported on Android.
  • Single-folio apps are not supported on Android.
  • Sections are not supported on Android.
  • Panoramas are not supported on Android.
  • Inline videos are supported on native Android viewers but not in legacy Android viewers.

For a comparison chart of supported features for each viewer type, see DPS supported feature list.

For information about making DPS apps for Android devices, see the following:

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