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Anyone who has installed InDesign CS6 or later can create a folio and share it with other people. To create a custom viewer app and submit it to a supported marketplace such as Apple App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store, you need either a Professional or Enterprise subscription to the Digital Publishing Suite.

For information on subscribing to the Digital Publishing Suite, see

Types of custom viewer apps

The Adobe Content Viewer lets you preview folios and share them with individuals. To make your folios available in a store, you use the DPS App Builder to create a custom viewer app.

Single-folio viewer app

In a single-folio viewer app, the folio is built in to the viewer app. The viewer has no library.

To create a single-folio app using a Professional and Enterprise subscription, export a .zip file using the Folio Producer Organizer and specify that .zip file using DPS App Builder.

Note that a single-folio app does not support bookmarks or social sharing. A single-folio app cannot appear in Newsstand. You can create a single-folio viewer app for iPads but not for iPhones, Android, or Windows devices.

Single Folio Viewer
A single-folio viewer does not have a library.

Multi-folio viewer app

In a multi-folio viewer app, you use the DPS App Builder to create a viewer that is essentially a shell. The viewer app that you submit includes no content. You use the Folio Producer Organizer to publish folios to the Adobe Distribution Service. Customers use the viewer’s library to download folios to which they’re entitled.

Use a different Adobe ID for each multi-folio viewer app you create. See Using Adobe IDs for digital publishing.

Multi-folio view
The library of a multi-folio viewer lets customers download, view, and purchase folios.

You can create two kinds of folios for a multi-folio viewer app—free and retail. Any folio you publish that is set to Free and Public automatically appears in the custom viewer’s library with a Download button.

Any folio you publish that is set to Retail and Public must be tied to an in-app purchase you set up in iTunes Connect or Google Play. Use the same Product ID when you publish the folio that you use when you set up the in-app purchase. Retail folios appear in the custom viewer’s library with a Buy button. When customers tap Buy, they can purchase the folio.

Multi-folio subscription viewer app

A viewer app with subscriptions includes a Sign In button and a library option that lets customers select the type of subscription they want. For example, they can select a 3-Month, 6-Month, or 1-Year option. When they sign in, the viewer checks with the store to determine which folios they're entitled to download.

You can set up a subscription that works with the Apple App Store. In addition, if you’re an Enterprise customer, you can set up a custom entitlement server and give customers the choice of subscribing through the store or through your service.

The library of a subscription viewer
The library of a subscription viewer

Enterprise signed viewer app

Enterprise subscribers can create iPad apps for internal distribution only. An enterprise signed iPad viewer app is distributed within the company rather than downloaded from the Apple Store. See Creating an enterprise signed iPad viewer app.

Types of app distribution

Use the following methods to distribute your DPS content.

Through public app store

Create an app and submit it to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Windows Store.

Through public app store with restricted distribution (Enterprise only)

Create and submit a subscription app to the Apple, Google, or Windows store. Use a custom entitlement server to determine which folios users can download and view based on their sign-in account. See Using restricted distribution with Digital Publishing Suite.

Through private server (Enterprise only)

Create an in-house app and host it behind a firewall. See Creating an enterprise signed iPad viewer app.

About entitlement and fulfillment

Entitlement is the permission to download an item. Fulfillment is the process of making entitled content available to customers for downloading. The store (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) is where viewer apps are available for downloading. You use the DPS App Builder to create custom apps for the store. The Distribution Service is where folios are available for downloading. You use the Folio Producer to publish folios to the Distribution Service.

Single-folio apps are downloaded entirely from the App Store. When customers download a multi-folio app and open the library, the viewer checks the Adobe Distribution Service for folios that are available for downloading.

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