If you’re a Professional or Enterprise customer, you can export a folio as a .zip file that you can specify in the DPS App Builder. Before you can export a folio, you must publish it.

If you're using a Creative Cloud subscription or a Single Edition license to create a single-folio app, do not use the Export method. Instead, select the folio in the Folio Builder panel and choose Create App from the panel menu. Starting December, 2014, the Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition service will no longer be available for purchase from Adobe.com. After May 1, 2015, using DPS Single Edition to build or edit apps will no longer be available.

  1. Sign in to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Dashboard using a subscription account.

  2. In the Dashboard, click Folio Producer. In the Folio Producer Organizer, publish the folio. See Publish folios to the Distribution Service.

  3. In the Folio Producer Organizer, select the published folio and click Export.

  4. Specify the name and location of the .zip file, and then click Save.

You specify this .zip file when using the DPS App Builder to create a single-folio viewer app. See Create a custom viewer app for the iPad.

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