With the Folio Producer Editor, you can edit article settings, some of which are not available in the Folio Builder panel. The Editor includes two views: a Thumbnail view for previewing articles and changing properties and a List view for ordering, locking, and changing other settings.

Available articles in folio
Available articles in folio

A. Selected article B. List view and Thumbnail view C. Show horizontal or vertical layout 

Use the List view to reorder articles manually, change download priorities, and edit other settings.

Folio articles displayed in List view
Folio articles displayed in List view

Use Thumbnail view to preview articles

HTML articles and InDesign articles that use JPEG or PNG image format display thumbnail images in the Folio Producer Editor. However, no thumbnails appear in articles that use the PDF image format.

  1. Sign in to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Dashboard, and click Folio Producer.

  2. Select the folio you want to edit and click Open.

  3. Do any of the following:

    Change the order

    Drag an article to change its order.

    Edit article properties

    Changes you make to the Article Properties settings are reflected in the Folio Builder panel. See Change article properties.

    View horizontal and vertical layouts

    Click the Horizontal and Vertical buttons to change the layout. Drag the Thumbnail Size slider to resize article thumbnails.

    Add an article

    Click Add, and then choose article in the folio from which you want to copy. You can also copy an article to another folio by choosing Copy To from the article pop-up menu.

    Import HTMLResources.zip file

    Click to import the HTMLResources.zip file. See Import HTMLResources.

    Rename an article

    Choose Rename from the article pop-up menu, and then rename the article. Renaming an article changes the Article Name, not the Article Title that appears in the viewer. Renaming an article can result in broken navto links between articles.

Edit article settings

  1. Select and open a folio in the Folio Producer Editor.

  2. Using either Thumbnail View or List View, change any of the article settings. See Change article properties.

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