If you have an up-to-date DPS subscription with Adobe, you can submit viewer apps to app stores and publish folios, and your customers can download the folios you publish. However, if your account with Adobe becomes out of date or if you run out of fulfillment downloads, services can be restricted or cancelled.

Adobe sends email messages to the admin user in your account to notify you when your account is nearing termination date or when your maximum number of download fulfillments is approaching. These email messages include instructions for keeping your account up to date. If you suspect that you are not receiving these emails, please contact your Adobe representative. Gold support contact information appears on the DPS Dashboard.

Restricted Publishing and Folio Fulfillment

You can be restricted from publishing folios, and your customers can be prevented from downloading folios in either of the following situations:

  • If you have not renewed your Professional or Enterprise subscription within 30 days of your subscription termination date.

  • If you have exceeded your maximum number of purchased downloads.

If you have fulfillment downloads available but fail to renew your subscription, your customers can continue downloading folios for 30 days after your termination date. Thirty days after your termination date, Adobe reserves the right to restrict your customers from downloading your folios.

When folio downloads are restricted, any free folio, archived free folio, or retail folio becomes “temporarily unavailable.” A customer who taps the Download or Buy button is informed that the content is unavailable and asked to try again later.

Paid subscriptions are honored. Published folios that any subscriber has not yet downloaded are available for subscribers to download. Those downloads are counted against the publisher’s account.

Customers are entitled to any folio they paid for. A customer who taps the Download button of an archived retail folio is allowed to download the folio. Those downloads count against the publisher’s account.

Canceled Account

If you have not renewed your DPS subscription or if you do not purchase a download bundle within sixty days of your termination date, Adobe reserves the right to remove your content from the Distribution Service and downgrade your account. All single-issue viewer apps remain available in the App Store.

Updating Your Account

To avoid a restricted account, keep your subscription updated and purchase additional download fulfillment bundles. If necessary, contact your Adobe representative.

Viewing fulfillment download counts

You can generate reports to view download data from the Adobe Distribution Service. If you sign in to the DPS Dashboard using an Application account, you can choose the Fulfillment Report option to download a .csv file that includes billable download statistics from the Adobe Distribution Service for that app. If you sign in using an Admin account, you can click a link in the Dashboard to obtain a report that shows the fulfillment download balance for your account. Administrators can download a consolidated report to view download data for all publications associated with the account. For details, see Understanding Folio Download Counts.

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