If you use DPS App Builder to enable Social Sharing in your viewer app, DPS allows readers to view your articles in browsers using the Adobe Content Viewer for the Web (also called the web viewer). These views count against your fulfillment count as follows: when the number of article views within the web viewer reaches the number of articles (both protected and unprotected) in the folio, this is counted as one fulfillment against your Fulfillment Bundle.

For example, suppose that you enable the web viewer in an app that includes a folio with 50 articles. If one person reads all 50 articles of that folio in the web viewer, this counts as one fulfillment. Or, if 50 different people each read one shared article, this counts as one fulfillment. In this example, any combination of article views that adds up to 50 within that folio is counted as a fulfillment. This example is for clarification purposes only. See Section 3.4 of the DPS Terms of Use for the specific terms and restrictions related to use of the DPS Social Sharing features and Web Viewer.

For details, see Understanding Folio Download Counts.

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