Report headers, footers missing | Can't change Folio selection


Loading baseline analytics with a date range of less than 15 days results in loss of report headers and footers and inability to change FOLIO selection.


Solution 1

Change the date range to more than 15 days of report to reload the data. Now, the correct header and footer as well as the ability to change the folio name is possible.

If the current report doesn't show the FOLIO selection pop-up menu, select a Report that does (Individual Downloads, Individual Purchases, Content, Ads, Videos, or Individual Overlays).

Solution 2

Set the language preference to English and use Analytics Beta.

Note: It's possible that Analytics Beta won't provide all reports. Continue to rely on the Baseline Analytics, except for this workaround.

Additional information

Adobe hopes to address this issue in a future version of the product.

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