Description of the issue :

On iOS8, some users might experience problems after the app has been refreshed or reloaded, which makes the app to become unresponsive or to freeze.
This behavior can be seen only on iOS8 as on iOS7, the same app will work properly despite any number of refreshes or reloads.

Symptoms :

After refreshing or reloading the app using the Web Inspector tool from Safari, sometimes the app will freeze and all the transactions state will be 0 and no transaction appears to be carried out.
The JavaScript events are not processed and no failures are displayed in the console.
In addition, no calls can be seen using Charles proxy or similar debugging proxy applications.

The app might return to its normal state after an additional number of refreshes.  

Solution :

In order to solve this, open AdobeLibraryAPI.js file (version 32) and replace the line 498 with the following:

stringData = encodeURIComponent(stringData)
.replace(/~/g, '%7E')
.replace(/!/g, '%21')
.replace(/\*/g, '%2A')
.replace(/\(/g, '%28')
.replace(/\)/g, '%29')
.replace(/\'/g, '%27')

window.location = this.BRIDGE_PREFIX_URI + stringData;

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