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After you purchase a subscription on a device, the subscription tile disappears. However, the most recent folio still shows a purchase price and the button next to it is labeled "Buy." The expected result is that the most recent folio's status changes to "Purchased" and the button next to it is labeled "Download."


If your most recent retail folio has renditions published, ensure that all of the metadata, especially the publication date, are identical for both renditions. The publication date, in particular, requires careful steps to ensure the invisible hour, minute, and second timestamp associated with the folios are the same.

  1. Log in to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite dashboard at

  2. Click the Folio Producer link.

  3. In the Folio Producer, locate the renditions for your folio and ensure that the following fields are identical for all:

    • Folio Name
    • Publication Name
    • Folio Number
    • Publication Date
    • Description
  4. For each rendition of the folio, do the following:

    1. Click the Publication Date widget icon:

    2. Click a date other than the currently selected date. Then click the date that you want for the publication date to close the widget.

    3. With the rendition of the folio selected in the Folio Producer, click the Update button.

    4. Ensure that the Update Content option is selected. This option is required to push the meta data changes to the fulfillment server.

  5. Test purchases of the subscription on the devices you have renditions for. Make sure to erase their data and settings and set them up as new devices. Test with new iTunes user accounts created in iTunes Connect.

  6. Inform customers that the issue affects to uninstall the application, then reinstall it.

Additional information

If a folio is published without the user visiting the Publication Date widget, the Publication Date value on the fulfillment server includes the exact time the publication process was completed. If, instead, the Publication Date widget is used to select the publication date, it enters 00:00:00, based on the operating system's time zone. This step allows you to ensure that renditions of a folio have the exact same publication date.

Note: The time zone of the computer where the publish command is made influences the time value when using the computer's Publication Date widget. Therefore, make sure that the publishing renditions are done from the same time zone.

Adobe hopes to eliminate the need for these additional steps with the Publication Date values in a future release of the Digital Publishing Suite.

For information about other possible causes for this same failure mode, see:

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