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This article refers to Digital Publishing Suite. For the AEM Mobile article, see Bug fix release notes for AEM Mobile.

This article lists known current issues as well as the most relevant bug fixes for each Digital Publishing Suite release. For a list of new features, see What's new in this release.

For a list of known DPS server issues and upcoming planned maintenance, see

v32 Hot Fixes

March 20, 2018

In version 32.6.15, fixed the iOS Viewer issue where the viewers will now show the subscription dialog as a full screen display. (DPSC-231)

February 16, 2018

In version 23.6.15, fixed the issue where the subscription information screen was displaying as a pop-up dialog box. It now displays as a full screen. (DPSC 231).

January 8, 2018

The following issues were fixed in version 32.6.14:

  • Fixed the issue where after you upgrade the Japanese app to version 32.6.13, the publication name disappeared. (DPSC-205)
  • Fixed an issue where when reviewing the app on an iPv6 wifi network on an iPhone 7, the app crashed when you tapped Subscribe. (DPSC-204)
  • Fixed an issue where apps were being rejected by Apple because a link to the Privacy Policy was not displayed when you tapped Subscribe. Now when the Subscribe button is tapped, a Terms of Use link and a Privacy Policy link will be displayed, if configured.  (DPSC-180)

For more information about how to configure the Terms of Use link, see the Hot Fix Release Notes from November 3, 2017.

  • Fixed an issue where a white screen is displayed instead of seeing a folio in landscape mode for some articles. (DPSC-179)
  • Tested and verified that DPS Classic apps work correctly on an iPhone X. (DPSC-174)

November 15, 2017

The following issues were fixed in version 32.6.13:

  • If the Japanese publication name was too long, the characters overlapped, so you could not click Back and return to the library. This issue has been fixed. (DPSC-178)
  • DPS Classic applications look and behave correctly on iPhone X.

November 3, 2017

In release 32.6.12, the issue where Apple was rejecting DPSC apps, because the app or its metadata
was not meeting the terms and conditions for auto-renewing subscriptions has been fixed. The Terms of Use button is now clearly displayed during the purchase flow and requires no additional action from the user.

To update your apps in the DPS App Builder, edit your app and add the &tos=terms-of-service-full-url paramenter to the Optional privacy policy URL: field.

For example, if your optional privacy URL was, do the following:

  1. In the
    Optional privacy policy URL: field, update the URL from to, where is the terms of use URL to link to on the subscription page. (Apple and iOS 11 work better with secure HTTPS links for privacy policy and terms of use.)
  2. Save your changes.
  3. Ensure that the app version is displayed as 32.6.12.XX.
  4. Build and sign your app.

October 11, 2017

Release 32.6.11 resolves the following issues in the iOS Viewer:

  • Fixed an issue where on iOS 11, when you go to the reader in portrait mode and then change to landscape mode, the Home button in top-left corner disappears; to get the functionality back, you needed remove the app from memory and restart it. (DPSC-168 and DPSC-173)
  • Fixed an issue where on an iPad with iOS 11, when you change the orientation for a dual-orientation folio while viewing, the Library button disappeared. (DSPC-170)
  • Fixed an issue on iOS 11 where when you initially launch the app, you are prompted to accept notifications. After you accept, you are prompted to accept notifications again. (DSPC-172)
  • Fixed an issue where the subscription dialogue box is displayed in the style that existed on iOS 6. (DSPC-176)

October 10, 2017

Release 32.6.10 resolves an issue where the table of content fields were wrapping in an element.

September 28, 2017

Release 32.6.8 resolves an iOS 11 problem with iPhone viewers where the Library back button does not appear due to long publication names. (DPSC-167, DPSC-166, DPSC-165, and DPSC-162)

September 21, 2017

The following issue was fixed in version 32m.6.7:

Fixed an issue where some pages in the Web Viewer were not displaying correctly. (DPSC-150)

August 10, 2017

The following issues were fixed in version 32.6.5:

  • DPS Classic apps are now App Transport Security (ATS) compliant, which means that apps must now use a secure network over HTTPS. (AEMM-4154352)
  • The fact that paid subscriptions will renew automatically will now be highlighted on the subscription page. (DPSC-128)

June 30, 2017

Fixed an issue in the app where, after you upgrade to iOS 10.3, some videos could not be played. Additionally, some buttons and multi-state objects did not display properly. A rebuild of DPS applications is required to pick up this fix. (DPSC-118 and DPSC-127)

September 8, 2016

Support for iOS 10

This release includes the following fixes to improve the appearance of DPS apps in iOS 10. We recommend that you use DPS App Builder to rebuild and resubmit your apps.

  • The Library view title bar no longer has a gray area in the upper right section near the settings icon. (4143672)
  • The navigation bar in folio view is no longer dark gray. (4143673)
  • The sign-in dialog is no longer transparent and unusable. (4143674)
  • Inline video with no controller no longer shows the play button blip at the end. (4143774)
  • The TOC menu in the Free Preview window now appears properly. (4143768)
  • The Favorites menu is no longer too transparent. (4143735)
  • The folio cover preview background in library view is no longer too transparent. (4143733)

January 7, 2016

Support for iPv6 in iOS apps

Apple announced on August 28th, 2015 that in early 2016, customers who are submitting apps to the iTunes App Store must fully support IPv6. This Digital Publishing Suite (DPS 2014) release addresses this requirement. With this release, iOS apps created or edited with DPS App Builder now support iPv6.

DPS 2015 apps are still being tested to ensure they meet Apple's requirement. We will post an announcement related to DPS 2015 when that testing is complete.

December 9, 2015

Resolved an issue with certain content not scaling properly on retina (HD) iPads. (4074375)

October 28, 2015

Embedded videos now play properly when the device is not connected to the Internet.

September 3, 2015

iOS 6 compatibility

The Sept. 3, 2015 update to the Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) iOS viewer supports iOS 7.0 and greater, and is not compatible with iOS 6. The minimum supported phone and tablet devices on iOS 7 are the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, respectively (the iPhone 3GS is no longer supported because it cannot be updated to iOS 7). For details, see the iOS 6 Compatibility FAQ.

Receipt handling changes

This update includes changes to receipt handling in the iOS viewer. The viewer now supports the most recent receipt formats from Apple. Older receipt formats will no longer be retrieved by the latest version of iOS viewer. Existing iOS apps created with earlier versions of DPS will continue to work. In addition, end-users with existing folio and subscription purchases will be unaffected by this change and will continue to get access to their purchases.

However, if you use the JS API to validate receipts directly with Apple in a custom HTML storefront, you need to update your code to handle the new receipt format. For details on the JS API changes see Library and Store v2 SDK.

July 24, 2015

The bug fix for using the correct Spotlight icon from the July 22 hotfix has been backed out. The change was causing app viewer submission failures. A future release of the viewer will incorporate the correct fix for this issue.

July 22, 2015

iOS viewer bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which users where unable to swipe HTML articles and overlays to navigate between articles in some instances. (4020837, 4004647, 4020820)
  • Fixed a bug in which users couldn’t swipe to the next article when using scrollable frames in the vertical orientation. (4009366, 3981878)
  • The correct Spotlight icon is now used on iOS devices. (4006496, 3981878)

March 21, 2015

The Adobe Content Viewer was displaying black lines in landscape content. The DPS viewer team fixed these issues and submitted a new version of the Adobe Content Viewer to the App Store. Apple approved this new version on Saturday, March 21. If you don't have automatic updates turned on for your devices, use the Update tab in the App Store on your device to update Adobe Content Viewer.

January 19, 2015

The new 64-bit v32.4.1 iOS Adobe Content Viewer was experiencing problems with crashing. This issue is resolved the issue with an update to the Adobe Content Viewer (v32.4.2) and a hot fix to DPS App Builder. (3919733)

September 19, 2014

  • DPS webviews that use iFrames now open properly on iOS 8 devices. This fixed an issue in which links to YouTube videos did not play. (3825946)
  • The Open dialog box web view in v32 viewer is now working properly in iOS 8. (3825758)
  • Single-folio apps built in v31/v32 now launch properly on iOS 8 devices. (3827604)
  • The "Optional library subscription tile URL" option was not working with v32 on iOS 7 and iOS 8. This issue is now resolved.

Current Known Issues

iOS App Submission

The wrong icon is currently being used for Spotlight in iOS apps. (4006496, 3981878)

DPS App Builder for iOS

If you experience issues with DPS App Builder after updating Adobe AIR to v20, reinstalling DPS App Builder should resolve the issue. See Installing DPS tools.

The Rate the App field in DPS App Builder currently does not let you specify a 10-digit Apple ID number. Apple used to provide a 9-digit number for Apple ID but switched to a 10-digit number. The DPS App Builder team is working on a fix to allow 10-digit numbers to be specified.

Adobe Content Viewer for Desktop

The Adobe AIR v20 release requires 64-bit applications on the Mac OS X. This is preventing the Adobe Content Viewer for Desktop to run on Mac OS X when AIR v20 is installed. A "The required native extension for this application is missing" error message appears.

The DPS team does not plan to update the Adobe Content Viewer for Desktop (desktop preview tool) for previewing DPS content in InDesign. We recommend that you use on-device preview for a more accurate previewing experience.

Account Administration

There are increased response times and error rates when using the Account Administration Dashboard to add users. This issue is being investigated. The workaround is to reload the page after you experience an error. When the page is reloaded, the report suite gets configured into the account, and you can proceed with your workflows.

v32.5.7 Bug Fixes

iOS viewer fixes

Bug Description Fixed in Version Action Required Bug #
Fixed an issue related to swiping HTML articles and Web Content overlays. v32.5.7 Rebuild app 4020837
Fixed an intermittent issue in which a white line appeared at the top of the page and gets thicker as the user swipes down the page. v32.5.7 Rebuild app
Videos in offline mode in HTML articles now provide an offline warning and the viewer is still unusable.
v32.5.7 Rebuild app 4044704
Fixed an issue in which scrollable frame with embedded buttons did not function consistently.
v32.5.7 Rebuild app 4028693
Fixed an issue in which library Buy and Subscribe buttons are not positioned correctly when folio descriptions are longer than 8 lines. v32.5.7 Rebuild app 4054105

v32.5 Bug Fixes

iOS viewer fixes

Bug Description Fixed in Version Action Required Bug #
In iPhone 6 and 6 Plus viewers, "zoom" mode behavior in HTML articles was improved.   v32.5.3 Rebuild app 3957734
Intermittent crashes occurred on iOS7 when swiping through smooth scrolling articles on multi-folio apps. This issue has been resolved. v32.5.3 Rebuild app
In landscape view of a dual-orientation folio, the scrollbar can sometimes appear as a black bar in the wrong place if the option "Enable auto-hiding of vertical scrollbar" is not enabled in App Builder. This issue is now resolved. v32.5.2 Rebuild app 3954895
If the publisher uses DPS App Builder to replace the default library icon with a custom icon in the custom navigation bar, iPhone 6 Plus devices display the default DPS icon. All other devices use custom icon. This issue is resolved. v32.5.2 Rebuild app 3956201
When removeSubscription() and addSubscription() JS API functions were called from a custom store, duration property was lost if the same product ID was removed and then re-added. This impacted the UI as the pricing did not reflect the length of the subscription. This issue is now resolved. v32.5.2 Rebuild app 3953844

Android viewer fix

Dialog boxes invoked from the Library API in the Android viewer now correctly enforce the SSL certificate chain. (3965272)

v32.4 Bug Fixes

iOS viewer fixes

Bug Description Fixed in Version Action Required Bug #
A bug was fixed for iOS viewers in which Apple was rejecting some apps because the bundle string was longer than 18 characters. The bundle string for iOS viewers now begins with v32.5. v32.4.4 Rebuild app  
After a subscription is purchased, the Buy button no longer appears for entitled folios in some instances. v32.4.3 Rebuild app 3861685
Addressed scaling issues for certain external web sites. v32.4.1 Rebuild app 3834750
The "New issue is available" notification dialog box behaves properly when the Hide Free Folio option is turned on. v32.4.1 Rebuild app 3916269
Fixed an issue in which some links were not responding to click events in Web Content overlays. This issue also affected embedded YouTube videos. v32.4 Rebuild app 3844968
Pinch & Zoom is now working properly in PDF files opened via hyperlink from file. v32.4 Rebuild app 3839239
The viewer's gear settings menu no longer displays empty cell blocks in some cases. v32.4 Rebuild app 3852775
A "Cannot Update Library" error message appears intermittently in apps with retail content. This issue appears to have been resolved on the services side. The v32.4 iOS viewer includes enhancements to handle the error properly so that users who experience this error can view entitled content.
N/A No change is required. However, updating the viewer to v32.4 allows users who receive this error to view entitled content.

v32 Hot Fixes

November 12, 2014

Android viewers

  • In Android viewers, sample library banner assets were displayed in newly created v32.3 Android apps. This bug was fixed in a server-side change. Any Android app that you build no longer includes these sample banner assets.

December 8, 2014

v32.3 Bug Fixes

November 10, 2014

iOS viewer fixes

Bug Description Fixed in Version
Action Required Bug #
Launching an app in landscape mode when the device is in portrait orientation no longer briefly displays the portrait splash screen. v32.3 only Rebuild app 3842414
At launch, the splash screen no longer shifts down before fading away. v32.3 only Rebuild app 3846043
Custom folio navigation icons now appear after shutting down the app and then relaunching. v32.3 only Rebuild app 3821073
Article preview from a URL now works properly if the user is logged into a direct entitlement account. v32.3 only Rebuild app 3835863
Content purchased on the device by an iTunes user will no longer remain entitled to a different iTunes user after restore purchases. v32.3 only Rebuild app 3845370
The bottom navigation bar no longer appears slightly above the bottom of the screen if launching into folio view. v32.3 only Rebuild app 3841841
After scrolling up and down in the iPhone library, the pricing string no longer appears for folios that have already been purchased and downloaded. v32.3 only Rebuild app 3837451
When using Adobe Content Viewer to preview content from Adobe Experience Manager, the viewer now returns all applicable AEM renditions for the folio. v32.3 only Rebuild app 3846222
When a download is complete on the iPhone, an “Installing” message no longer appears in the Library. v32.3 only Rebuild app 3839857

Android viewer fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which overlays were not being drawn properly.
  • Made changes to download logic so that more users would succeed in downloading to SD Card storage. We recommend at least 500mb internal storage even if saving to an SD Card.
  • Fixed an issue of flashing screens when navigating a folio with right-edge binding.
  • An issue was fixed in which users would see a downloading page that wouldn’t go away during a progressive download.
  • When switching from a WiFi connection to a cellular connection during a folio download on Android 5.0 devices, the reader is no longer prompted with a download warning.
  • When returning to a full-screen video after tapping the device's recent app button, the paused video no longer appears as a black screen on Android 5.0 devices.  

Windows viewer fixes

No fixes for Windows viewer.

DPS App Builder

No fixes for DPS App Builder.

Services fixes

  • Improved direct entitlement support for integrators with multiple DNS and SSL certificates on the same server. No action is required.
  • Embedded web viewer now works properly on the iPad. No action is required. (3835499)

v32.2 Bug Fixes

October 20, 2014

iOS viewer fixes

  • If multiple MSOs on the same page are set to Auto Play, only the first MSO auto-played on iOS 8 devices. This issue is fixed. (3835976).
  • During app launch, the horizontal splash screen no longer quickly switches to the vertical splash screen before fading out. (3834533)
  • You can now re-enter Preview on Device from library on iOS 8 devices. (3829804)
  • Tapping a text notification link now works properly even if the open custom library is set to auto launch. (3835862)
  • A link from a text notification now opens even if the app is not running in the background. (3815113)
  • The welcome screen now honors device orientation properly on iOS 8 devices. (3835066)
  • The welcome screen scales properly if the user rotates the iOS 8 device. (3836869)
  • Older folio formats (v17 or earlier) now render properly in v32 apps (3835973).
  • For single-orientation folios on iOS 8 devices, exiting full screen videos no longer results in article redraw problems. (3837382)
  • States now load correctly in slideshow overlays on iOS 8 devices. (3839289)
  • Several bugs related to orientation changes causing crashes on iOS 8 devices were fixed. (3830653, 3831903, 3827780)

Android viewer fixes

  • Issues with navto links in HTML articles and webviews fixed. (3839699)
  • Bug with links in a custom library going to external browser fixed. (3834854)
  • Mailto: now supported in custom library. (3829488)

v32.1 Bug Fixes

September 29, 2014

Download failures of large files  With v32 iOS apps, downloading large assets over a slow connection caused a timeout to occur, resulting a a failed download. Specifically, this issue occurred when a portion of a folio took longer than 120 seconds to download to the device. This issue was fixed with the v32.1 release. The fix is to rebuild and resubmit your iOS app.

iPhone library issue  v32 apps for iPhone were no longer displaying the prices in the library in iOS 7 and iOS8. This problem was resolved with the hot fix.

If either of these issues affect your app, rebuild and resubmit the app to resolve the issue.

v32 Bug Fix Release Notes (September 2014)

Important: Update apps for iOS 8

DPS Engineering identified a storage location problem with v31 and v32 viewers in the GM version of iOS 8 that was not apparent in the beta versions of iOS 8. This storage location problem adversely impacts a user’s ability to access and download content when upgrading to iOS 8. This problem was corrected in the September 13 hot fix for v31 and v32 viewers, but it requires DPS applications to be rebuilt and resubmitted to Apple.

Note the following:

  • If you have not rebuilt and resubmitted your apps since the v31.3 release on August 18, you must update your multi-folio apps so that folios can be downloaded on iOS 8 devices.
  • If you have rebuilt and resubmitted an app after the v31.3 release on August 18, users likely will not be able to download folios after an iOS 8 upgrade unless they uninstall and reinstall the app. We strongly recommend that you resubmit a new version of the app to ensure that folios can be downloaded.
  • When users upgrade to iOS 8, previously downloaded folios will be removed from the device if users restore. However, if they upgrade using an app built after Sept. 13, downloaded folios should be preserved.
  • Test Single Edition apps on an iOS 8 device. There are reports of some single-folio apps not working properly on iOS 8 iPads. If necessary, rebuild and resubmit single-folio apps.
  • Apple has changed the iTunes Connect interface. To submit a new version of the app, use iTunes Connect to specify a new version, and then use Application Loader to upload the .zip file generated from DPS App Builder. Then use the "Builds" section in iTunes Connect to specify the new version you uploaded. Wait for that version to appear in the Add Build dialog box that appears when you click the plus sign. It can take a few minutes, and you might need to refresh the page or sign out and sign in again. Make sure that you specify either a v32 viewer (99363 or higher) or v31 viewer (99365 or higher).

DPS App Builder fixes

  • A bug related to auto-hiding vertical scroll bars was fixed. In DPS App Builder, the “Enable auto hiding of the vertical folio scrollbar” option now works properly.

iOS viewer fixes

  • Fixed issue in which the page position was not being remembered when user left the article and returned later. (3806048)
  • Fixed issue in which Adobe Content Viewer failed to download content from (3810984)
  • Silently resumed folios can now completely download. (3811424)
  • Fixed subscription dialog box message. (3815420)
  • Fixed issue in which previewing on device multiple folios caused one to disappear. (3759703)
  • Fixed issue in which pinch and zoom behavior failed to work properly. (3794606)
  • Fixed crash issue when using Preview on Device to view a folio. (3806589)
  • Fixed issue in which some “App Install”, “App Startup”, and “App Close” analytics events were not being sent when application started in portrait orientation. (3810661)
  • Downloads will no longer retry an infinite number of times after encountering a time out. (3811438)
  • Now able to dismiss welcome screen on iOS 8 Beta. (3773662)
  • Fixed JSAPI return values in welcome screen on iOS 8 Beta. (3802159)
  • The HUD (navigation bars) now displays text on iOS 8 Beta. (3806089)
  • No longer crash when launching after a background download on iOS 8 Beta. (3811826)
  • Folios with embedded PDF now display when running on iOS 8 Beta. (3813873)
  • Navigating between articles with scrollable frames no longer causes crash on iOS 8 Beta. (3815374)

Windows viewer fixes

  • Reading position is now preserved after a folio is updated. (3794656)
  • Fixed bug related to opening PDF files via HTMLResources. (3807536)
  • The initial content position is no longer changed if a scrollable frame is embeded in a multi-state object. (3807600)
  • Fixed pull-out tab behavior in scrollable frames. (3813828)
  • Using a hyperlink to reference HTML resources is now supported. (3813758)

Web viewer fixes

  • Slideshow now immediately stops on click instead of moving to the next state. (3787235)

Ongoing Known Issues and Guidance

JRE Update required for Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite

If you're using a computer running Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), updating the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required in order to run DPS App Builder. You can download the Apple patch from the following location:  

/ Installation issues

  • If the Adobe Content Viewer fails to install when you update your DPS tools, see Can't install, locate Desktop Adobe Content Viewer.
  • If you get an "authentication failed" error when you sign in to the Adobe Content Viewer on the iPad with a verified Adobe ID, or if a valid, published folio fails to appear in a custom viewer app, there might be a problem with the server. See the "Authentication failed" section of the Troubleshoot Adobe Content Viewer tech note, or contact your Adobe representative.

Known issues with social sharing / web viewer

  • iOS 6 social sharing is now disabled in any app built after February 7. The entire social sharing menu is disabled on devices that run iOS 6. The social sharing menu is still available on iOS 7 devices.
  • Smooth Scrolling articles in web viewer may not display properly on the last page if the length of the smooth scrolling article is not an exact multiple of the folio height. For example, the last page of a 1024x2000 article may be cropped, but a 1024x1536 (2 times the height) or a 1024x2304 (3 times the height) should display fine. The issue is especially common in portrait orientation. One workaround is to make the height of the smooth scrolling page height an exact multiple of the folio height. Another workaround is to use PNG image format for the Smooth Scrolling article instead of PDF.
  • TOC images larger than 70x70 are being cropped instead of scaled.

Other known issues

  • When using Application Loader to submit a DPS app, a "Warning: Version Mismatch" error message appears. You can either ignore this warning and continue to submit your app or edit the version number in iTunes Connect. At this time, Apple is not rejecting apps because of this issue. (3632944)
  • When using Application Loader to submit a DPS app, a "Warning: This version is invalid . . . the Info.plist file must be a period-separated list" error message appears. You can ignore this warning and continue to submit your app. At this time, Apple is not rejecting apps because of this issue.

Common Best Practices

  • When entering metadata for folios and articles, use basic characters such as A-Z, 0-9, and dashes and underscores. Avoid forward slashes, symbols, and extended ASCII characters.
  • If the "Free" option does not appear in the Folio Producer Editor, make sure that you do two things: (1) edit the folio's viewer version to v26 or later, and (2) update the articles within that folio. (When you update the folio's viewer version, the articles maintain their previous viewer version until they're updated.)
  • Although PDF is now supported on Android, linking to PDF files in the file is not supported on Android.
  • Don't assume that all PDF articles will behave the same way on Android viewers as they do on iOS viewers. Web Content overlays in particular can experience different behavior. Panoramas, inline videos, and several other features are still not supported on Android.
  • When you create an HTML banner for a subscription app with entitlement, the banner spans the entire page. You might need to adjust your HTML accordingly.
  • If you specify an entitlement banner, you're still required to provide subscription tile assets in DPS App Builder, even though the tile does not appear. (We tried to fix this, but a bug we caught late caused us to revert to the previous behavior.) You can use blank "dummy" images for the subscription tiles.
  • Google  changed the embed format for YouTube videos. Edit the YouTube embed code to include "scr=" instead of "src=//" Also, set the overlay to Auto Play and add a poster image in front of the overlay.

Previous release bug fixes

For a list of previous release notes and bug fixes, see History of DPS Release Notes.


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