This article includes an archive of bug fix release notes for previous DPS releases. For a list of current bug fixes, see Release Notes and Bug Fixes.

v31 Hot Fixes

August 7, 2014

  • Issue resolved in which iOS apps may repeatedy crash at launch after upgrading to a newer version. (3796563) If your app has experienced this behavior, we recommend that you rebuild and resubmit it.

July 21, 2014

  • Users whose accounts have no role assigned (such as admin or application) are now able to share folios. (3782176)
  • Uploading older sidecar.xml files (before version 31) no longer fail. (3787633)

v31 Bug Fixes

iOS viewer fixes

  • It's now possible to swipe left and right on a vertical scrollable frame to change articles if Use Document Position is selected. (3686776)
  • During launch, the splash screen no longer shifts down when the status bar appears. (3763350)
  • Ads no longer lose resolution when exporting to .folio format. (3759728)
  • Long folio descriptions are no longer truncated in library preview pane. (3755889)
  • Bug fixed regarding Content View being sent to SiteCatalyst while the app is backgrounded. (3755137)
  • After downloading a sectioned folio and returning to the library, the section now opens properly. (3753681)
  • Crash no longer occurs when trying to resume paused section download with failed Internet connection. (3751580)
  • Alert is now localized in Chinese. (3734542)
  • Tapping on empty space in HTML article now brings up navigation bars. (3722502)
  • After double-tapping a scrollable frame, only one swipe is now required to scroll on iOS7. (3722321)
  • After tapping to pause a slideshow, only one swipe is required to navigate. (3702920)
  • After purchasing a Free Preview folio, download progress shows correctly. (3714001)
  • App no longer crashes during library update even if the account has many folios. (3703332)
  • Preview Pane border now displays at the same time as the Preview Pane. (3699167)
  • Archived folios now immediately change to downloadable after being archived. (3678050)
  • Tapping the subscription tile now loads the "Optional Library Subscription Tile URL" in an in-app browser window.
  • Applications with Transient Scroll Bars and Pinch & Zoom enabled no longer hang when you slowly pan to the next page while zoomed into an article. (3785498)
  • Newsstand applications no longer crash on first launch on iOS 7. (3782315)
  • Several changes were made to improve iOS app performance for the upcoming iOS 8 release. These changes apply to both v30 and v31 viewers. (3804501, 3776657)
  • The iOS app library no longer displays overlapping text. (3798079)
  • Refreshing the library will no longer change the size of covers in the library (3798037)

Android viewer fixes

  • Tapping on the letterbox around a full-screen video now triggers video playback controls.
  • Improvements to slideshow crossfades.
  • Issue with scrollable frames addressed. (3798818)

Windows viewer fixes

  • Fixed bug in which mouse click on button in some overlays does not work on Desktop. (3769417)
  • Autoplay works even if page opens before the article has finished downloading. (3768893)
  • Page views are now being reported properly in analytics. (3790791)
  • When the initialization parameter boolHideSignIn is set to true for an embedded web viewer, the paywall page no longer displays the Sign In button. (3794517)
  • Hyperlinks and buttons within a multi state objects are now displayed properly. (3792447)

Web viewer fixes

  • Page views are now being reported properly in analytics. (3790791)
  • When the initialization parameter boolHideSignIn is set to true for an embedded web viewer, the paywall page no longer displays the Sign In button. (3794517)
  • Hyperlinks and buttons within a multi state objects are now displayed properly. (3792447)

v30 Hot Fixes

April 28, 2014

The legacy Android viewer was not displaying an error message when folios were downloaded on an Android device that was out of local storage space. (3732681)

April 22, 2014

Resolved bottleneck issue with large push notifications. (3743224)

April 10, 2014

Resolved an issue with sending push notifications using legacy /notification APIs. (3735711)

March 21, 2014

When sending a text notification, including double-byte characters results in a message larger than the 256 bytes allowed into the text entry field. The UI displays a negative value for number of bytes remaining, but the notification can still be sent to Apple, resulting in an error. With this hot fix, the service no longer allows a message larger than 256 bytes to be sent. When the text message exceeds the allowed limit, the UI displays an error message and you must reduce the number of double-byte characters to proceed.

March 20, 2014

In some instances, when the v30 tools are installed, users are not able to sign in to the Folio Builder panel using an Adobe ID that does not have an Application role assigned to it. This issue was resolved in this hot fix. To avoid this sign-in issue, update your DPS Desktop Tools (InDesign CC/CS6) or your Folio Builder panel (InDesign CS5.5/CS5). See this article for links to installers.

v30 Bug Fix Release Notes (March 2014)

Authoring fixes

Folios in which overlays have line break characters in their name cause incomplete overlays and Android download failures. This issue was resolved. (3653600)

iOS viewer fixes

Timeouts increased from 15 to 60 seconds for getFolios calls. (3758942)

In Newsstand apps, new indicators appear after a foreground download completes. (3747785)

In updated apps with direct entitlement, several sign-in problems were resolved, including the sign-in button failing to work properly and users being signed out. (3726004 and 3726005)

The iPhone viewer now maintains the aspect ratio (16:9) for the cover of iPhone5 size folios in the Newsstand view. (3732700)

Viewer code that scans for data descriptors in no longer incorrectly determines that an error occurred. (3724085)

Extended characters are no longer being URL encoded for the slide-up web view URL. (3728362)

Non-Newsstand viewer and Adobe Content Viewer no longer lose downloaded folios after restart if the Folio Publication Name field contains forward slashes "/". (3706229)

Swiping on a Web Content overlay no longer activates it on iOS7. (3719813)

The viewer crashed if the user downloaded one section of a sectioned folio, the folio is unpublished, and the user views and interacts with that folio. This issue was resolved. (3712674)

Image sequence resetting on rotation and inertia is now available when swiping. (3711983)

On iOS 7, slideshow buttons no longer disappear when the device is rotated if the slideshow is nested in a scrollable frame. (3710367)

Tapping on valid navto links no longer fails and has no effect in some instances. (3704444)

Reading position for single-orientation folio is no longer lost when device is relaunched in opposite orientation (3701061)

Localstorage values are now retrieved properly after device sleeps or when the Home button is pressed. (3696400)

When you zoom in on a PDF page and swipe an image sequence, the image sequence now behaves properly. (3689978)

Auto Play slideshow that has been reset by a double tap no longer starts to play again when you leave the page. (3685543)

Newsstand folio cover now updates from a background push properly even if the user is not entitled to the folio. (3684294)

Image sequence overlays nested in a scrollable frame no longer fail to auto play in some cases. (3684291)

New folio alert does not appear in folio view if the viewer is not configured for direct entitlement. This issue was resolved. (3684290)

Viewer no longer crashes if user taps on several folios to purchase in a custom library then selects to go back to default library. (3678047)

Swiping very quickly on a slideshow sometimes moves to the next article instead of changing slides. This issue was fixed. (3673086)

On the iPhone 5 The "Forgot password?" text is outside the Sign-in box if the app is configured with a forgot password URL but not a create account URL. This issue is resolved in v30 apps. (3671662)

If you swipe quickly on a protected article next to a free article, it is possible to see protected articles without a purchase pane or mesh treatment. This issue was resolved. (3660132)

Custom HTML slots and Web View now extends behind viewer's UI properly. (3658854)

A previewed folio can now be downloaded even if a space is found in the name of a TOC asset. (3658214)

When zoomed in on a slideshow or image sequence with swipe enabled, you can now swipe vertically to scroll the page. (3656725)

Swiping on a horizontal scrollable frame where the image was cropped in InDesign no longer moves the page and shows jittery behavior. (3653470)

Double-tapping an MSO now zooms in and out properly when the page is zoomed in in a PDF article. (3652078)

Usage tracking opt-out window is no longer disabled in offline mode. (3650422)

The title in the library no longer displays "Library Alert" if a folio is updated multiple times. (3649220)

After swiping on a vertical scrollable frame to go to the next page, the next page no longer displays briefly and then jumps back to the original page. (3647503)

Performance of the in-app browser is more reliable when viewing web content. (3610048)

iTunes Subscriber receipt can now be validated if the device is restarted, is not unlocked, and the app is awoken via a Newsstand push. (3595346)

Native Android viewer fixes

Fixed issue with some auto-play videos not playing automatically.

Added stability fixes to library related to cancelling downloads.

Direct entitlement log-in problem fixed.

Video in a slideshow can now auto play when its state comes into view. (3761190)

The folio location is now remembered when returning from library view. (3760478)

Nested image sequence set to auto play with delay of 0 seconds can now be auto played. (3759806)

Bug fixed in which white or black lines appeared in long smooth scrolling articles. (3744416)

Navto links in web overlays now work even if they are in div sections. (3723414)

Windows Store viewer fixes

If the publisher changes an article name, the "Unable to Open folio" error message no longer appears when the user tries to update the folio. (3729074)

Direct entitlement log-in problem fixed. (3726018)

Scrollable frame pull-out tabs now work on the top and left edges in addition to the bottom and right edges of the page. (3759672)

Fixed a problem with Window Store viewer crashing on opening the library containing the folio with either publication date or cover date not specified. (3714037)

In some instances, folio with video overlay wasn’t archived correctly. As a result, users weren’t able to re-download the folio properly. (3707309)

Web-based DPS App Builder fixes

Fixed an issue to improve how analytics are configured for Professional customers when building native Android apps.

Analytics fixes

Article metric now shows consistent reports of overlay starts and URL clicks for pages that do not contain these items. (3726762)

Buttons embedded in a slideshow are now being tracked properly. (3737243)

Legacy Android viewer

The legacy Android viewer was not displaying an error message when folios were downloaded on an Android device that was out of local storage space. (3732681)

v29 Hot Fixes

February 24, 2014

In some instances, 1136x640 iPhone folios were not receiving push notifications and wer not being selected as the appropriate rendition. This issue was resolved with the v29.3 release. (3704287)

External links in Web Content overlays are now working properly in the web viewer. (3697794)

HTML articles with external link target as _blank replaces the current page instead of opening a new window or tab in the web viewer browser. This issue was fixed in the v29.3 release. (3697798)

February 14, 2014

In native Android apps, Google Play and Amazon Appstore in-app purchases are now working properly when you create a new native Android app. (3699074)

February 11, 2014

If you used the newest v29.2 dot release (February 7) to build an app that works on both the iPad and iPhone, the app crashes on the iPhone when the user goes into browse mode. The February 11 hot fix resolved this issue.

If you re-built and submitted an iPad/iPhone app after February 7 and your app crashes in browse mode on the iPhone, re-build (edit) the app and then re-submit the app. The hot fix will NOT require you to download a new version of DPS App Builder.

February 7, 2014

Apple recently began rejecting apps that use Advertising Identifier for purposes other than advertising. DPS viewers include the Facebook SDK for social sharing, so Apple has been rejecting all newly submitted DPS apps. To fix this issue, Adobe disabled iOS 6 social sharing in newly created apps. This change to the viewer does not affect any app already in the App Store. It affects only new builds of v28 and v29 apps.

In any new v28 or v29 app, the entire social sharing menu—not just the Facebook option—is disabled on devices that run iOS 6. The social sharing menu is still available on iOS 7 devices.

If Apple rejected your app recently due to the Advertising Identifier, use DPS App Builder to rebuild your app, and re-submit it to the App Store. This is a server-side change, so updating DPS App Builder is not required.

Historically, we do not know of a case where Apple has rejected an existing app in the store, so existing apps should not be affected. 

February 5, 2014

Bug fixed in which downloaded folios were being deleted from the library whenever the non-Newsstand app was removed from memory and restarted. This bug was caused by extended characters in the publication. It affected the Adobe Content Viewer and non-Newsstand DPS apps. (3691128)

Bug fixed in which iTunes subscriber lost entitlement when a passcode-protected iDevice was restarted and the app is awoken via a Newstand push before the user unlocked the device. (3595346)

The Newsstand cover now updates properly with a background push notification even if the user is not entitled to the folio. (3684294)

For base analytics, the Audience Settings list is no longer truncated in the Accumulation Settings list when the account includes a large number of folios. (3681417) Several additional display issues were addressed.

January 30, 2014

DPS App Builder was updated to fix a subscription banner bug In AIR-based Android viewers. On HD Android devices, the default library subscription tile was displayed instead of the specified subscription banner. With the update to DPS App Builder, the custom subscription banner now appears on all supported Android devices. To incorporate this change, update DPS App Builder and edit or create an Android app.

December, 2013

When folios are downloaded in the background, a "new issue available" message sometimes appears even when users are reading the most current version.

Scrollable frames in web viewer that were embedded in other overlays had stopped working properly with the v29 release. This issue was resolved with a December 10, 2013 hot fix. No action is required.

Social Sharing was not working properly in some v27 and v28 apps if folios were published after the release of v29. This issue was resolved with a December 10, 2013 hot fix. It should not be necessary to re-publish the folios or take any other action.

v29 Bug Fix Release Notes (December 2013/January 2014)

iOS viewer fixes

  • Sharing via Pinterest is no longer blocked by an error message if the article is protected. (3678200)
  • After activating and then resetting an image pan (pan & zoom) overlay, you can now swipe on the overlay to change articles or pages. (3673208)
  • Fixed a problem with China apps crashing intermittently due a ChinaCache response. (3681676)Rate the App in iOS 7 displays a blank screen. Apple made a change in iOS7 that prevents DPS apps from directly linking to the review page on iTunes. The v29 viewers now point to the product page, where users can take action to rate and review the app.
  • The Reading API is now loaded for a folio even if the folio is not completely downloaded. This change allows overlays with digital blow-ins to display properly in folios with free article preview. (3658157)
  • The issue preview string in Browse mode is no longer truncated in several languages. (3662430)
  • On iOS 7 large folios sometimes failed to extract when delivered via Newsstand, causing problems when the user interacts with the folio. This problem was resolved in a December 13, 2013 hot fix. Users can now resume the installation of a Newsstand download that failed to complete in the background. (3678236)
  • Restoring from iCloud no longer causes a folio download failure if the folio was downloaded prior to the restore. (3658682)
  • Overlays now respond to swipe gestures correctly when nested in a scrollable frame and zoomed in in articles with PDF image format. (3656040)
  • Keyboard now appears in web view even if application is started by a remote notification. (3655343)
  • Tap gestures on image sequence now immediately pause animation. (3655323)
  • In Favorites view, the descenders of letters are no longer getting clipped on iOS 7. (3653518)
  • Swiping on a pan and zoom image overlay no longer activates it on iOS7. (3652378)
  • Files are no longer deleted if a shutdown occurs while a download is in progress. (3646105)
  • Storage space now decreases properly after deleting local folios from the device. (3642155)
  • Two swipes are no longer required to activate a scrollable frame in a horizontal-swipe article when pinch and zoom is disabled in the viewer on iOS 7. (3639687)
  • The "Show More" button in the library no longer rests under the navigation bar if the viewer is configured to hide the navigation bar in folio view. (3639187)
  • Tapping the status bar while in folio view can now navigate properly to the first page of the article even if the user has browsed past the second page. (3637338)
  • Double-tapping the title in the folio view navigation bar now returns to the first article of the folio on iOS 7. (3637334)
  • A retail folio now appears in the library even if the viewer is configured with "alwaysVerifyPrices" set to false and the product ID is initially not set in iTunes Connect. (3632934)
  • A retail folio will no longer appear as Free when it is published with a product ID that is not in iTunes Connect, and is then updated in Folio Producer. (3632843)
  • In the Sections library, letter descenders in titles are no longer clipped on iOS 7. (3632127)
  • The app no longer crashes after tapping a navigation bar button while swiping in browse mode. (3629583)
  • Tapping a navto link to a protected article while the navigation bar is displayed no longer causes the purchase pane to hide the Buy buttons. (3629021)
  • Custom web slot no longer overlaps the iOS status bar when it is navigated to via a goto hyperlink in folio view. (3628154)
  • The left side of the tap zone now responds properly to the Select/Deselect All button in archive view. (3626746)
  • The first time you open a custom HTML webview from within the folio, the iOS status bar no longer overlaps the title bar. (3622213)
  • The space for app title in the iPhone viewer is no longer too narrow. (3619689)
  • New or removed subscription SKUs are now properly displayed in the application after an app upgrade. This includes changing an app from a non-subscription to a subscription application. (3618262)
  • The Scrubber's initial position on the iPhone in iOS 7 is now positioned all the way to the left. (3615139)
  • The Scrubber no longer displays incorrectly. In some instances, the Scrubber appeared with rounded corners on the right side and sharp corners on the left side in iOS 7. (3609600)
  • Enabing device location services for the first time from a DPS application now initiates the geolocation callbacks properly. (3615089)
  • Displaying the sharing menu while the Favorites menu is displayed now dismisses the Favorites menu. (3612660)
  • iOS status bar no longer shows on splash screen briefly before the library displays. (3611771)
  • Swiping no longer moves the page in wrong direction when you start the swipe in the navigation bar hot zone area. (3604237)
  • The navigation bar now dismisses immediately after tapping a navto link. (3601795)
  • The confirmation dialog box to open a web page in Safari no longer appears behind the web view if the web view is brought up using"url"). (3598816)
  • A viewer will now get new entitlement end points if an app is upgraded to a new version and the new version has a different integrator ID. (3596956)
  • The purchase pane no longer appears briefly after a full screen video is finished if the user rotates the device while the video is playing. (3561016)
  • Upgrading an application on iOS 7.1 beta no longer causes the app to crash. (3674015)

Android (AIR) viewer fixes

  • v29 AIR-based Android apps now support Android 4.4.
  • HTML text area now displays virtual keyboard in Android DPS Viewer properly. (3645955)
  • Cross-fading slideshow images now scale correctly even if when zooming the page at the same time. (3645597)
  • Special characters are no longer missing in placed PDF created from Word on Mac OS. (3635908)
  • Android entitlement viewers no longer lose login state when minimized and restored. (3632946)
  • Text with stroke no longer renders incorrectly after pinch and zoom on PDF folio. (3631177)
  • An error message "Cannot Update Library. The connection to the server failed." no longer occurs on first launch of Adobe Content Viewer on Android device with China's network. (3621100)
  • Can now navigate from one page to another in web content. (3584796)
  • Previewing two articles in a row in a PDF folio without closing the viewer in between no longer shows residual content from the first article. (3578950)

Web viewer fixes

  • Improved rendering of HTML overlays
  • Improved the robustness of processing messages in the Adobe Content Viewer for Web SDK.

v28 Hot Fixes

  • Several minor bug fixes for scrollable frames were included in a hot fix. When you're zoomed in on a scrollable frame and you want to pan around, the experience should be smoother. Also, when you are zoomed in within a scrollable frame, you can double-tap on the page or within the scrollable frame to zoom back out to 100%. Before this hot fix, you could not double-tap on the scrollable frame to zoom out.
  • When uploading the distribution app using Application Loader, a "Version Mismatch" warning appears if the app's version number doesn't match the version number specified in iTunes Connect. With the hot fix, the correct version is now displayed. You can either edit the iTunes Connect version or ignore the warning. (3632944)
  • Publisher download reports are now properly populated. (3632837)
  • Adding a custom library and then unchecking "Show navigation toolbar" checkbox results now allows the custom library to appear in the app. (3633203)
  • The Subscribe button in the library now appears when the app is first launched. (3631155)
  • R28 iPhone share recipient no longer gets a 404 error message instead of the landing page. (3634929/3634971)
  • Call GetAccountEntitlement no longer returns 500 response code. (3637375)
  • Users can now login from an Embedded Web Viewer to view entitled content. (3639196)

v28 Bug Fixes (October 2013)

Fixes for iOS 7 (v27 or v28 viewers)

  • Tthe sign in dialog box close control no longer appears as an "X" in iOS 7. (3629759)
  • On iOS 7 a pinch and zoom gesture over a vector slideshow or scrollable frame no longer causes the application to crash. (3629753)
  • On iOS 7 tapping on an article from browse view no longer causes a partial view of the adjacent article to appear. (3629616)
  • On iOS 7 vector slideshow and scrollable frame overlays no longer disappear after rotating the device. (3629615)
  • Newsstand background download fails if application is front most when device sleeps. (3629767)

iOS viewer fixes

  • Newsstand background download no longer fails if application is front-most when device sleeps.(3627696)
  • A downloaded preview no longer loses the social sharing paywall message if the user navigates to a custom storefront then navigates back into the content. (3604868)
  • Full-resolution content is now properly retrieved if the user downloads a protected folio and then signs into an account as a direct entitlement user who has access to the publication. (3596204)
  • The paywall message is now properly applied to all non-free articles if a direct entitlement user downloads a folio, then signs out of the account and views the folio. (3596201)
  • Scrolling gesture will not be recognized if scrollable frame is in the HUD or navigation hot zone region. (3587276)

Android (AIR) viewer fixes

  • In AIR-based viewers, users can now invoke a hyperlink if it is in a navigation or navigation bar hot zone region. (3584776)
  • Tracking options are no longer shown when the device is offline but the application is configured to not show Tracking options. (3580578)

DPS authoring/publishing fixes

  • Time stamps for the published folios in Folio Producer publish request view are now correct. (3598287)
  • Deleting a folio shared from another account in Folio Builder panel no longer results in an error. (3577372)
  • If a folio has previously had sections set using sidecar.xml during import and the publisher removes the sections, viewing the updated folio in the viewer no longer results in an occasional crash. (3584034)
  • Specifying smooth scrolling and horizontal swipe in the sidecar.xml file now set the property when creating an article in all instances. (3585563)

Web viewer fixes

  • The Web Viewer now displays a 'Done' button when videos are displayed 'full screen' (within the bounds of the browser content area) so that users can more easily dismiss the video.
  • For embedded web viewers, the Adobe Content Viewer for Web SDK was updated to version 2. Version 1 is no longer supported nor available.

v27 Hot Fixes

  • A change by Apple caused DPS apps to be rejected on upload, resulting in an "Invalid Binary - Missing Nib File" error message in Application Loader.  
  • An issue has been resolved in which opening a custom store in an app sometimes changed the appearance of the paywall image in folios with Free Article Preview.
  • Buttons with Go To Page actions or navto links that jump to a specific page now work properly in a single-folio app. Update DPS App Builder and edit or rebuild the single-folio app.
  • When an app is updated to v25 or later, any existing library cover image from a v24 or earlier app was scaled up to fit the new library container, resulting in a blurred image. With this hot fix, cover images are regenerated on upgrade if the cached image size doesn't match the expected image size.
  • The bundle IDs of apps created with third-party tools are now properly incremented in DPS App Builder. This server-side change does not require DPS App Builder to be updated.

v27 Bug Fixes (July 2013)


  • Sections now work properly in apps with custom libraries.
  • The position of an audio overlay set to play in background no longer changes when you rotate the device in Browse mode.
  • In an iPhone viewer, users can now resume or cancel the download properly after dismissing the prompt to update the folio.
  • The purchase preview pane in article preview is now positioned to avoid being partially hidden in some situations.
  • The Entitlement Banner container background color is now dark gray instead of white.
  • In an iPhone viewer, a bug with a "Section Not Downloaded" dialog box appearing too often in browse mode was fixed.
  • In iOS apps, an error message no longer appears if a background-downloaded folio fails to download. An error appears only if users initiate the download.
  • If a user taps both a folio with sections and a folio without sections at the same time in the library, the viewer no longer crashes.
  • The status of entitled folios no longer show up as "Unknown" in custom libraries.
  • First Folio Free no longer resets when the app is uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • Twitter feeds in Web Content overlays now display properly.


  • Publishing no longer leaves the folio in a Private/Retail state in rare instances of publishing failure. Updating the folio reflects the specified status settings.
  • getFolios API caching issue resolved.
  • In some instances, retrying a failed publish attempt failed to allow the publisher to cancel. This issue is resolved.

Web Viewer

  • Externally linked audio files now play properly.

v26 Hot Fixes

  • DPS App Builder now builds a custom Adobe Content Viewer app properly when using Enterprise certificates.
  • Updating a folio with deleted articles works as designed.
  • "Fix Orientation" option in DPS App Builder for iPhone viewer is now available.
  • Buttons in hot zone areas are now active.
  • The design of free article preview was improved in a hot fix. Protected preview articles have a dark mesh applied over them to improve the appearance. Also, a protected free article set to Horizontal Swipe Only now displays a gray area for all but the first page of the article. In addition, a Preview pane design issue that caused cropping of buttons in browse mode was fixed.
  • Direct entitlement users are no longer logged out improperly.
  • Content Viewer for the Web analytics are now being reported properly.
  • Resolved problem with Sections button causing app to crash in some cases.

v26 Bug Fix Release Notes (May 1, 2013)

Adobe Content Viewer

  • You are no longer signed out of the Adobe Content Viewer repeatedly and forced to sign back in, sometimes twice.
  • Unpublished folios no longer appear below published folios in the Adobe Content Viewer.
  • You are no longer signed out of Adobe Content Viewer after force quitting the application and relaunching.

Folio Authoring

  • InDesign no longer crashes when importing an article that has a button targeting an overlay on the pasteboard.
  • The day and month of the date setting are no longer reversed in some instances.
  • Articles can no longer be reordered if the folio is locked.

iOS Viewers

  • Back button now takes you from navto destination to navto source page in horizontal navigation article.
  • Pinch and zoom on a PDF article is now as responsive as previous versions of the viewer.
  • Readers can now resume downloading a folio when the folio is updated during the download.
  • Browse thumbnails are now present for HTML articles in a Single Edition application.

Web Viewer

  • Video now stops at the last frame when option is selected.
  • Buttons now honor the stack order and no longer show through other overlays when the buttons should be hidden.
  • Hyperlinks to other pages now supported in web viewer for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10.
  • Various additional Internet Explorer issues were fixed, including support for hyperlinks and full support for articles that have more than 10 pages.

v25 Hot Fixes

  • Links to websites in custom icon HTML pages now properly open the web page in the in-app browser rather than in the external browser (mobile Safari). This issue was resolved in a server-side hot fix. Rebuild app and test.
  • In some instances, testing a subscription development app in a sandbox environment resulted in valid subscriptions not working properly. SubscriptionReceipt endDate and startDate were null for subscriptions. This issue was resolved in a server-side hot fix.
  • iOS analytics: ViewerVersion property is suffixed with "-dev-m" resolved in a server-side hot fix.
  • When a device is running iOS6.1, any multi-folio app created before v25 will crash if the device is not connected to the Internet. With the hot fix, you can use DPS App Builder now to create either a v24 or v25 viewer that does not crash in offline mode when the device is running iOS6.1.
  • Placing .oam (Edge) files into InDesign CS6 documents to create an overlay is now working properly in v25 folios. Download and install the DPS Desktop Tools.
  • Adding HTML content with iframes (such as YouTube embed videos) is now working properly in v25 folios.
  • Buttons with Go To State actions are now working properly in some instances.
  • App Builder no longer hangs if there are many custom toolbar slots.
  • The DPS App Builder now includes the appropriate bundle ID version. A bundle ID error no longer occurs when you submit the viewer.

v25 Bug Fix Release Notes (January 2013)


  • Using a trailing slash in Web Content overlay URL no longer causes folio preview to fail.
  • You can now edit the Section field in either List view or Thumbnail view of the Folio Producer Editor.
  • There is no longer and error when publishing a folio that contains an HTML article with missing preview thumbnails. When a R22 or later HTML article contains no preview image, publish no longer fails.
  • Placing a raster image into a vector scrollable frame will no longer result in only the visible raster image being generated.

DPS App Builder

  • In DPS App Builder, when you edit a viewer, you no longer need to reselect custom library icons.

iOS Viewers

  • When a video is playing or has been paused in a PDF article with pinch and zoom enabled, using a two finger swipe gesture to change stacks no longer causes the Viewer to crash.
  • Viewer launch no longer times out if the list of folios for the account is large (such as more than a thousand).
  • Viewer no longer crashes after changing a non-sectioned published folio to include Sections and updating the folio.
  • Vector text no longer looks rasterized after zooming in, zooming out, then zooming in again.
  • The Subscription UI now updates immediately after purchasing a subscription on iPhone.
  • The navigation bars are now displayed properly for HTML articles even if the navigation bar hotzone is enabled.
  • The button to exit a Panorama view is now identical on both retina vs. non-retina iPads.
  • Subscription with incorrect product IDs no longer shows up as "Null" in the list of subscriptions to the end user. Subscription options are no longer displayed if the Product ID is invalid.
  • Linking to another application in a custom HTML slot now works properly on iOS 5.
  • Issues resolved in crashing viewer while Interacting quickly with multi-rendition PDF articles that contain MSOs across multiple pages.
  • If slideshows with the same MSO name are located on adjacent stacks and the device is rotated, the first Go to State button is no longer selected instead of the current slide.
  • Horizontal Only Scrollable frame now scrolls properly when 'Initial Content Position' is set to 'Use Document Position' for text and some image container frames.
  • Filter button is now displayed properly after signing into entitlement with restricted distribution folios that have a filter.

Android viewers

  • Many issues have been resolved with DPS viewers working on new 1920x1200 Android devices.
  • Resolved issues when opening a folio on some larger Android devices Asus Transformer.
  • The viewer now honors the Use Document Position setting for Scrollable Frames when the device is rotated.
  • The previously viewed folios are no longer slightly visible behind the lower navigation bar of the application.

v24 Hot Fixes

  • To improve server reliability and reduce outages, servers that host DPS folios are now in a separate, isolated cluster on
  • Issues with Folio Producer Editor crashing during article navigation.
  • Low memory shutdown on Kindle Fire 3 (8.9" HD devices). Under certain circumstances, including viewing/playing audio overlays, or browsing content in the app web browser, a low-memory state causing the app to shut down.
  • Transparent rasterized PDFs are not rendering correctly in Web Viewer.
  • Slideshow overlays created using WoodWing tools start in an incorrect state in Web Viewer.
  • Certain articles with video make Firefox unresponsive during next/previous page navigation.

v24 Bug Fix Release Notes (November 2012)

iOS Viewer Bug Fixes

  • Navigating vertically to the next page in an article when zoomed in is now smoother.
  • Transparency is no longer lost when zooming in to a vector scrollable frame that has transparency applied.
  • Can now resume download if WiFi connection is dropped and restored.
  • Fixed bug in which some slideshows failed to honor Delay setting before autoplaying on iOS 5.
  • ITMS links from a custom store now open the link in the iOS App Store properly.
  • Viewer no longer crashes if an article in a folio with is updated.
  • Thin white lines are no longer visible in scrollable content when authored content uses non-whole pixel dimensions.
  • Subscription tile and entitlement banner show up properly on first launch.
  • The "New content is Available - buy or cancel" message no longer appears when an entitled user is viewing content while new content is published.
  • Resolved issue that caused viewer crash after rotating several times quickly while viewing a folio in iOS 6.
  • Fixed an issue in which an Image Sequence overlay appears to reset to the first image when you swipe to another page and come back, but when you interact with it, it jumps to where it was paused.
  • Improved performance of navigating a 2048x1536 folio on a retina iPad in which the article format is set to JPEG, PNG, or Automatic.
  • Fixed an issue in which comes PDF articles with scrollable frames or slideshows jittered when swiped.

Android Viewer Bug Fixes

  • Previously viewed folios are no longer slightly visible behind the navigation bar in library and folio view.

Folio Producer Bug Fixes

  • If you cancel the dialog box for sharing a folio, an error message no longer appears.
  • Improved error handling for situations in which folio dimensions are mistakenly set to be 0x0.
  • The Folio Properties dialog box now maintains the Right Edge Binding setting.
  • Preview on Device works properly for folios with Smooth Scrolling articles.
  • The behavior of the Smooth Scrolling option is now identical between the Import Article and Article Properties dialog boxes.
  • Punctuation marks such as . and / are no longer allowed in the Size text box in New Folio dialog box.
  • Improved error message for folios with invalid covers.
  • Incorrect tooltip in Asian languages fixed.
  • Fixed issue around uploading an offline folio to the cloud.
  • Cover Date now updated in the UI immediately.
  • The buttons in the French Folio Producer UI are now properly aligned.
  • Thumbnails are now updating properly in Folio Builder panel after articles are uploaded.
  • When mousing over a smooth scrolling article in thumbnail view, a white space no longer appears.
  • The Sort menu and tooltip description of "alphabetical a-z" in the Folio Builder panel is now localized (translated) properly.
  • Folio covers no longer have a white border in the Folio Properties dialog box.

Web Viewer Bug Fixes

  • The Web Viewer now supports stopping at the last frame in an image sequence.
  • The Web Viewer now supports hyperlink overlays containing URL parameters.
  • The Web Viewer fixed an issue to support nested overlays.

v23 Hot Fixes

The "user or selected publication is null" error no longer appears when downloading apps from DPS App Builder. If you get this error, remove and reinstall the previous DPS App Builder app.

v23 Bug Fix Release Notes (September 2012)


  • Installers are no longer flagged in Mac 10.8 via Gatekeeper.
  • The horizontal x-coordinates for object states are now correct relative to the source InDesign file when drop shadow is applied.

iOS Viewers

  • Tapping the hot zone on the first/last page of a horizontal swipe (flattened) article now navigates to the previous/next article.
  • Pullout tab scrollable frames now work more reliably, without requiring an additional "dummy pin" object.
  • Cross Fade with 'Hide Before Playing' selected now appears properly when first object state is displayed.
  • The library is no longer empty if two folios share product ID.
  • Two Finger swipe now navigates to the next article in a PDF folio even if PDF zooming is enabled in the viewer.
  • Newsstand background downloads start even if the user is in a temporary 3G/data state before establishing a WiFi connection.
  • When users tap the Subscription button repeatedly, additional subscription dialog boxes no longer appear after the first one is dismissed.
  • Incorrect translations for Dutch Library and Viewer icons on retina iPad have been corrected.
  • Links to assets inside the HTMLResources folder now work properly even if named with a diacritic character.
  • Tapping "Yes" to download a folio update while in folio view no longer displays an alert message.
  • Quickly flipping between pages in a PDF article no longer causes delays in page navigation.

Android Viewers

  • The "Failed to load the folio" error message no longer appears after tapping the "View" button in "Cover View" mode.
  • Non-entitled folios no longer disappear from library view after signing out.
  • When rotating the device while playing a video and then returning to folio view, the viewer no longer switches briefly to the previous orientation.
  • A line no longer appears over the Subscribe button on 1024x600 devices when in landscape mode.

Folio Producer Tools

  • If you're not signed in to the Folio Builder panel and you modify uploaded articles using the sidecar.xml file, articles were updated but an error message appeared. This problem has been resolved.
  • Adding a very large preview image to a folio no longer makes the panel appear to be frozen.
  • An error message now appears when uploading an overly large cover preview image in the Folio Producer Organizer.
  • You no longer get an infinite loading icon in the Folio Builder panel if you try to add an invalid jpg as a cover image.
  • The Folio Properties dialog box no longer allows any Cover Preview file size.
  • Folios containing large .mp4 files failed on upload with the [svr.VirusDetected] error message. This problem has been resolved.
  • The interface now indicates the TOC preview in the Folio Producer Editor.
  • The issue with a ".indd" document name causing the Folio Builder panel to be blank has been resolved.
  • Incorrect date format no longer appears in the publication date, cover date and HTML resources date.
  • Updating an article no longer turns on the "Protected" setting in Folio Producer Editor.
  • "The upload has failed" error message is now displayed correctly.
  • The error message about wrong cover preview image size now includes orientation requirements.
  • If you upload a custom TOC preview image larger than 70x70, a size warning appears.
  • The cover date setting is now disabled when a folio is being published.

Social Sharing

  • When playing a video in Internet Explorer 9, the "Video Error object" appears less frequently.
  • Scrollable frames with text now function correctly in a multi-state object.
  • Horizontal article navigation is now supported.

v22 Hot Fixes

  • DPS viewers now launch properly on Android 4.1 devices.
  • Folios now download properly when folios are updated.
  • Libraries in Android viewers no longer lose download status if app is force quit.
  • Viewers on Android and Amazon devices are now properly accepting large button assets for navigation toolbar.
  • The Sign In dialog box appears properly when the user taps "Sign In" after first launch on Kindle Fire.
  • Android viewers built in Viewer Builder no longer mistakenly include test HTML assets.
  • When building a v21 Android Viewer with v22 tools, "air" is no longer appended to the exported package name.
  • "Flattened" articles (articles set to Horizontal Scrolling Only) scroll properly even before the folio has downloaded completely.

v22 Bug Fix Release Notes (August 2012)

iOS Viewers

  • Swiping horizontally over a scrollable frame in a PDF folio now navigates to the next article.
  • Swiping when at the bottom of a scrollable frame now changes pages in PDF articles as well as PNG/JPG articles.
  • INDD to HTML anchor link now works properly with block structure in iOS Viewers.
  • Updating an article with "Horizontal Swipe Only" applied no longer causes overlays to shift from their original page and onto the first page of the article.
  • Issue resolved in which iOS viewers occasionally shut down on articles with multiple audio overlays.
  • iOS viewer no longer shuts down when tapping the Subscribe button multiple times on a slow connection.
  • Subscription tile appears properly after force quitting the viewer on iOS.

Android Viewers

  • Purchased single folios now auto-view when the auto-download has completed.
  • Web views now honor Javascript onAppear and onDisappear on Android.
  • Preview on Device no longer fails from a Mac to an Android device if an article in the folio has uncomposed extended characters in the name.
  • Android viewer no longer becomes unresponsive when an article stack has two object states with the same name.
  • MSOs at the bottom of smooth scrolling pages now perform better on Android.
  • Attempting to view a folio a second time now results in "Error Failed to Load the Folio" on Android.
  • Previously downloaded folios no longer need to be downloaded again after shutting down a multi-issue viewer application on Android.
  • Issue resolved in which Pan & Zoom overlay can lock up and prevent user from getting out of the state on Android.
  • Viewer applications launch properly on Nexus 7 devices.

Authoring and Folio Producer Tools

  • Links in a multicolumn text frame now work properly.
  • Newsstand Push notifications for Development apps are now supported.
  • Uploaded preview images render correctly in the web client without requiring the browser to be refreshed.
  • Folio Name, Publication Name, Folio Number, and Description trim whitespace on save.
  • Error no longer occurs during the issue download when the issue contains duplicate entries.
  • Articles preview images now load on scroll horizontally in Folio Editor.
  • Folio publish UI is now accessible after a job fails.
  • Failure to queue a publishing job no longer displays an unfriendly error message.
  • Deleting a folio from the Folio Builder panel no longer causes errors in web client state.
  • In Folio Producer, the status bar continues updating on update/publish requests in IE9.
  • Updating a folio after ticket expires no longer results in a dead-end error.
  • Folio Producer Organizer now gives the user a timeout/login dialog even though their ticket has expired.

Social Sharing

  • Bug fixed in which sharing links from tablet for pre-v22 shared folios displays the publication URL link instead of the shared article link.

Viewer Builder

  • Hotzone feature is now available to all the customers.
  • Custom URL Scheme now working in iOS viewer.
  • Several Omniture tracking issues have been resolved.
  • Offline Banner assets are now configured correctly for viewers with entitlement.
  • Entitlement details on Android no longer get cleared when editing a viewer.
  • Optional Create Account URL is no longer considered mandatory by the server.

v21 Hot Fixes

  • The Entitlement Service generated an alert when a folio was not found. This issue was updated to handle this case gracefully and update the logging appropriately.
  • Ability to hide the title bar in custom toolbar web view (for Enterprise publishers).
  • Added support for direct entitlement API v2.
  • Preflight on a new Publish still has issues that need to be addressed.
  • Some articles display error messages as content after updating from previous version.
  • iPhone Remote Banner Page URL value is now being set properly.
  • Custom iPhone library toolbar icons are now appearing properly on the iPhone.
  • Can now enable Hotzones for v20 viewers in v21 Viewer Builder.
  • Sign in and other library dialog boxes are now appearing as designed in Android v21 viewers.

v21 Bug Fix Release Notes (June 2012)

DPS Authoring

  • Using a trailing slash (/) in a Web Content Overlay URL no longer causes folio preview to fail.
  • Bug fixed in which the Audio and Video delay value was mistakenly set to 0 unless the Overlay panel was open.

iOS Viewers

  • Auto playing overlays in scrollable content that are nested in other scrollable content now start at the correct time.
  • HTML articles now stop in the correct position in Browse view
  • The entitlement web banner now resizes correctly when rotating the device and size is no longer specified in percentage.
  • White page no longer appears when rotating to an alternate layout in a PDF article.
  • A crash bug around resolving subscription receipts from iTunes was fixed.
  • The title in the upper bar of a custom web slot is now centered.
  • Javascript onAppear / onDisappear events are now honored when navigating to a page or away from a page, respectively.
  • Issue resolved in which the folio status appears as "Issue is Unavailable" if a folio is marked "Public/Retail" then the iTunes product ID "Cleared for Sale" status is changed from "Yes" to "No" and back to "Yes".
  • Application crash when switching to Library from the custom store is resolved.
  • Subscriptions are properly honored if the subscription product ID is removed in an updated version of the viewer.

Android Viewers

  • The first time a navto hyperlink is tapped that goes to a specified page in another article, it went to the top of the article instead. This issue has been resolved.
  • Issue resolved in which the "Sign In" button does not appear in Entitlement viewers that do not have "Send App ID and Version" selected in Viewer Builder.
  • White rectangle no longer displays below subscription tile on Kindle Fire.

Folio Producer tools

  • Analytics connection/query errors improvements.
  • Folio Builder Panel performance improvements.
  • Folios on containing no articles are available for download and they result in an error.
  • Creating articles with certain unicode characters in the article name now imports properly.
  • "Cannot authenticate" message no longer appears when the Publish Requests view is idle.
  • When Right Edge Binding is selected, the scroll bar and the thumbnail now work correctly.
  • "Preview On" now appears for iPad/iPhone devices when sideloading.
  • The iPad viewer no longer displays portrait view when None is selected for layout.
  • Users who attempt to preview a v19 article with Ad selected in a v20 panel no longer get an error message on first view.
  • Folio Builder Panel progress bar no longer displays 'uploading' when deleting.
  • Publication Name UI appearance improved in Folio Builder panel.
  • An empty Folio Preview panel should no longer appear when choosing File > Preview Folio.
  • Publish Folio text is no longer repeated in the dialog box.
  • Importing a Sidecar.xml for online Folios now honors the hideFromTOC setting.
  • Exporting and Publishing actions no longer create an error when the Dashboard times out.

Viewer Builder

  • Previews for Landscape and Portrait have been added for Android.
  • "Optional Remote Custom Dialog URL" field is no longer mandatory on the iPhone Subscription Details page.
  • iPhone Welcome screen is now correctly available only for Enterprise accounts.
  • When you add a custom store to a multi-folio viewer (without Entitlement), the Sign In button in the custom store (top left corner) no longer appears.
  • iOS Viewer now includes HD assets for several controls.

Social Sharing / Web Viewer

  • Issues with slideshows, buttons, videos, and HTML articles have been improved.

v20 Hot Fixes

  • (Viewer Builder) When users subscribed or restored purchases, folios in subscription viewer apps were not showing as available without restarting app. When the app is rebuilt and resubmitted, the problem is fixed.
  • (Viewer Builder) You can now sign Android viewers with Keystores.
  • (Folio Producer tools) With v20, publishing, or updating a folio was no longer checking for orientation consistency. For example, if you mistakenly created a dual-orientation folio with only single-orientation articles, the folio was published with gray screens in the alternate layout. With this fix, preflighting will prevent mixed-orientation folios from being published.
  • (Folio Producer tools) Updating a single article was causing users to download the entire folio rather than just the changed article when updating the folio. This error has been addressed.
  • (Viewer) For WoodWing app conversions, the vertical scroll bar is currently hidden until activated.
  • (Viewer) Preview image corruption problems fixed.
  • (Social Media) Folios with more than 195 articles are now enabled for social media. If you were experiencing this issue, update your folio, and the issue should be resolved.
  • (Viewer Builder) Hot zones are now enabled for Enterprise publishers.
  • (Adobe Content Viewer) Resolved issue with folios not appearing.
  • (Adobe Content Viewer) Shared and unpublished documents are now appearing properly in the Adobe Content Viewer.
  • (Viewer Builder) Restored ability to specify banner height in pixels. You can now specify the banner height in pixels or percentage of total height (up to a maximum of 37.5%).
  • (iPad Viewer) Fixed auto-launch issue.
  • (iPad Viewer) A retail folio in the iOS subscription range is now properly entitled after an app upgrade if the folio state prior to upgrade was Free, but the status changed to Retail.
  • (Authoring) Hyperlinks to items or app in the Apple app store are now working properly in v20.
  • (Folio Producer Tools) Existing articles in the Folio Builder panel need to be relinked after upgrade.
  • (Folio Producer Tools) The 'Hide from TOC' setting is now supported in sidecar.xml.
  • (Folio Producer Tools) Opening InDesign documents from the Folio Builder Panel works properly.

v20 Bug Fix Release Notes (May 2012)

iPad Viewer

  • Supported Edge animations are now fully displayed without delay in viewer.
  • The Cover, TOC, and Help nav bar buttons now work properly if users click them once, swipe to a different article, and click the same one again.
  • When rotating a multi-page PDF article after swiping, the experience is now smooth and no longer flashes a black screen.
  • Fixed bug in which swiping up and down in long PDF articles caused text to disappear.
  • In PDF folios, inline videos display properly when flipping a device from Portrait to Landscape.
  • Swipe gestures over a loading web view now stay in the same article rather than jumping to a new article.
  • HTML article load times in the iPad viewer are faster.
  • Video data metrics are no longer shown for articles that do not include videos.
  • The view no longer gets stuck between pages in a PDF article if the user swipes down to show a small portion of the previous page.
  • On an iPad 3, fixed bug about swiping past the first article of a high-resolution HTML article in browse mode.
  • Fixed folio crashing bug in v19 Adobe Content Viewer v19 that occurred when an MSO was authored to appear in both orientations but appeared only in one orientation.
  • Occasional initial rendering of web page no longer overlapping in in-app web view.
  • Certain websites no longer appear fragmented when first loaded in in-app browser.
  • Free folios no longer appear as retail after setting an iPad to a restore point from a different iPad.

Android/Desktop Viewers

  • Smooth scrolling articles now always scroll smoothly if swiping down then up quickly at the top or bottom of an article.
  • Nav bar no longer locks out when scrubber thumbnail of current page is viewed and not moved off page.
  • Tapping the device's back button while in full screen/in app webview works even when done multiple times.
  • Kindle Fire: Tapping the screen to display the video controls no longer causes the video to shift.
  • Auto play slideshow shows first button down state correctly when page comes into view.
  • It is no longer possible to get into a state where the user can navigate through a folio with the TOC active.
  • Nav bar buttons no longer missing at relaunch after forced shutdown.
  • Behavior of rotated text now the same as that of vertical text.
  • When swiping quickly, certain swipe gestures no longer appear to be ignored.

Viewer Authoring

  • iPad and Android Viewers honor the Slideshow Stop at Last Setting consistently with legacy or new slideshows after Sprint 18.
  • Scrollable frame contents are no longer scaled incorrectly if a scrollable frame positioned over the pasteboard is nested in a scrollable frame on the page.
  • An InDesign file with nested overlay created by the previous version of plug-in no longer causes "Invalid asset location" error.
  • (Mac-only, CS5/5.5): Check boxes work correctly when docking Overlay Creator panel with Button panel.
  • Overlay assets packaged on a Mac OS are automatically linked when the InDesign doc is opened on a Windows machine.
  • Button Go to Page, Go to First Page, and Go to Last Page Actions are now authored correctly.

Folio Producer Tools

  • Resolved issue with "Could not authenticate with the Distribution Service" errors after using the web client.
  • The two pods in the Dashboard that report a scheduled downtime no longer overlap each other.
  • Renaming an article during the upload portion of an Import no longer fails to retain the new name.
  • Download activation error no longer mistakenly appears on successful activation.
  • You're no longer prevented from deleting a published folio via the web client in certain situations.
  • Push notification failures no longer cause folio updates to fail.
  • Folio publishing no longer hangs when the folio has no articles.
  • Adding a layout to an existing article in the Folio Builder panel no longer automatically creates an alternate layout instead of overwriting the existing one.
  • Update a published folio fails when new articles are added.
  • An "unknown error" no longer appears when an invalid authentication token is used while publishing.
  • OverlayResources folder is no longer dropped from folio file when overlays contain the following characters: > " * / | or ?
  • Entering an invalid character no longer causes either a second error dialog to appear after the first or deletes data.
  • Compression of images for the cover previews has improved.
  • Improved support for creating articles and documents with special characters such as < and \.
  • An error message in the Folio Builder panel no longer appears when you close the panel while uploading articles.
  • Fixed issue in which placing several images on the screen clicking the "Preview" button could cause a crash.

v19 Hot Fixes

  • (Viewer) Per Apple's guidance, unique device identifier (UDID) usage has been replaced by universally unique identifier (UUID) in DPS Applications. For more information on how this change may impact you, please click
  • (Viewer Builder) Fix to viewer apps built since v19 in which data was reported but not displayed in the Analytics panel. This data is now being displayed properly.
  • (Viewer Builder) When creating viewer apps for Android, the 'air.' prefix is no longer added automatically to the Application ID when updating viewers. In previous viewers, the entitlement applicationID did not have the 'air.' prefix even though the application name was appended with an 'air.' prefix.
  • Content in a scrollable frame that is on a smooth scrolling article is now sized appropriately.
  • After the high-definition (2048x1536) rendition of the folio was downloaded in the library, the standard rendition sometimes appeared in the library. This issue has been resolved. Only the appropriate rendition appears in the iPad library.
  • High-definition app icons are now used on the iPad 3.
  • The Adobe Content Viewer now uses high-definition app icons and splash screens.
  • On Android devices, folios to which customers are entitled are no longer rejected when the app is sent to the background.

v19 Bug Fix Release Notes (March 2012)

General Authoring Bug Fixes

  • When InDesign files with overlays are added as an article, they are no longer in unsaved state.
  • Resume, Stop All or Play from Navigation Point option for sound/video actions no longer triggers "Invalid parameter" error.
  • Slideshows with Go to State buttons within the states now bundle correctly as a slideshow. A button outside the MSO for auto play, swipe, or tap is no longer required.
  • Crash no longer occurs when creating an article if each orientation has a different MSO name/button and there's a nested overlay: video, audio, or button.
  • You no longer get a blank slide or missing slide if MSO name matches between layouts but a number of states are different.
  • Button on a master page behavior improved.
  • Scrollable frames or buttons inside MSO don't appear if you download from ADC where state names include certain characters isolated to colon characters, perhaps others.
  • Preview from Overlay Creator panel on Mac OS no longer triggers "Failed to load the folio" error if there's a new button or modified action.
  • A warning now appears if the controller files path is valid but does not contain any controller files.
  • MSOs in Portrait and Landscape incorrectly linked
  • Crash behavior addressed when targeting PDF image format in InDesign CS5.5.
  • Play Full Screen checkbox is now enabled.
  • Nested video/audio in the MSO now stops playing after rotation when the MSO id is the same but the video/audio asset is different.
  • Double-tap to reset slideshow no longer crossfades.

iOS Viewer Authoring Bug Fixes

  • Tapping legacy slideshow with tap=off and swipe=on now toggles the navigation bars.
  • Auto play with multiple MSOs behaves properly.
  • There's a delay before second slide appears if there's a crossfade value is applied.
  • Nested Overlay: Content of MSO no longer disappears when the state content is Pan only overlay.
  • Slideshows in an MSO state set to Stop At Last Image behave properly.
  • Rotation no longer stops playing a slideshow.
  • When hide before playing=on and play in reverse=on, the slideshow behaves properly, no longer starting from the first slide and playing in reverse.
  • If a button targeting an MSO is in a scrollable frame but isn't visible in InDesign, it no longer is invisible in the viewer when scrolled into view.
  • Viewer crash while viewing an updated folio no longer occurs.
  • Go to state buttons play regardless of interval and crossfade value associated with MSO.
  • Buttons with multiple sequential actions now execute all actions before responding to the next tap.
  • The "stop" action now works for MSO.
  • Audio stop action now stops only the targeted audio clip.
  • Crash problem fixed when dragging scrubber on HTML stack.
  • Swipe now changes the MSO state inside scrollable frame.
  • Certain websites (e.g. now appear in in-app web view.
  • Custom viewer as well as free Adobe Content Viewer no longer crash while rotating device on dual-orientation folios that contain flattened PDF articles.
  • Viewer no longer crashes if WIFI connection is dropped.

Authoring for Desktop and Android Viewer Bug Fixes

  • Image pans are now scaled properly when zooming.
  • Fixed bug in which a slideshow displayed a black screen after rotation if it was hidden with auto play off.
  • Preview on Device (Windows) now works properly if folios containing article names with double-byte or upper-ASCII characters.
  • Slideshow now behaves properly if you tap it before it auto starts.
  • Tapping on scrollable frame inside MSO with tap enabled will play MSO instead of invoking HUD.
  • After panning on two horizontal scrollable content pan only overlays in the same stack, you get stuck between stacks
  • Close button works in full screen video even if the video dimensions match the document size.
  • MSO no longer stops playing or plays in random order if you open the same folio without quitting the desktop previewer.
  • Button works even if an overlay exists on the top of MSO.
  • Trying to download restored purchases no longer mistakenly results in "Could not verify this purchase" error.
  • Unentitled issues removed from library when user signs out of Adobe Content Viewer for the Android.

Viewer Builder Bug Fixes

  • Newsstand push notification no longer fails when viewer is updated.
  • Free subscription Newsstand viewer crash issue fixed.
  • Minor subscription tile error fixed.
  • Underscore characters (_) are now allowed in Integrator ID field.
  • DPS Dashboard Bug Fixes
  • If activation of downloads pack fails, a more meaningful error message appears.
  • A bug with the Submit button on the activate downloads page was fixed so that it can be clicked only once.
  • Folio Builder / Folio Producer Bug Fixes
  • Scrollable frames and buttons now appear properly when uploaded through without requiring the workaround of renaming objects in the Layers panel.
  • Cover images are compressed if necessary when the folio is published, resulting in better performance and smaller file size.
  • The Publish dialog box accepts Product IDs if valid characters (alphanumeric characters, underscores, and periods) are used.
  • Offline folios show articles properly in the Folio Builder panel.
  • A progress bar now appears with File > Folio Preview.
  • When relinking an article, an error message now appears if the path is invalid.
  • The Folio Builder panel has improved behavior with tooltips and refresh.
  • When folios are filtered in the Folio Builder panel, you can create folios which are hidden from view.
  • Binding direction enabled for offline (local) folios.
  • Uploading an article should no longer indicate that saved open source documents need to be saved again.
  • In Asian-language versions, the user name now displays correctly in the Share dialog box.

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