Get curated links on folio publishing with DPS.
  • Produce and publish folios

    Learn to use the Folio Producer to put the finishing touches on your folio and then publish it. Use the DPS App Builder to create a custom viewer app for Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Windows Store.

  • DPS Dashboard

    Learn about the DPS Dashboard and Digital Publishing Suite subscription types.

  • Folio Producer Organizer

    Learn about the Organizer page included in the Folio Producer, which displays available folios and an Editor page that displays the articles in a folio.

  • Publishing folios to the Distribution Service

    Learn about publishing folios and updating published folios using Folio Producer and the Distribution Service in this detailed reference.

  • Folio Producer Editor

    In Folio Producer Editor, learn about editing article settings, some of which are not available in the Folio Builder panel.

  • Import HTML Resources

    When you create articles based on HTML instead of InDesign documents, you can set up a resources folder for sharing images, scripts, and CSS files among multiple HTML articles. Get step-by-step instructions on importing HTML resources with DPS.

  • Export folios for single-folio viewers

    Learn how to export folios for publishing in the DPS App Builder.

  • DPS Export for PowerPoint

    Get step-by-step instructions for DPS Export for PowerPoint, a PowerPoint add-in that converts Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 presentations to Adobe DPS folios.

  • Using HTML and JavaScript APIs to extend DPS

    DPS offers several methods for using HTML and JavaScript APIs to enhance the user experience. Learn how to use HTML and JavaScript APIs to extend DPS in this detailed overview.

  • Methods for offering free content

    If your app includes retail folios, you can use a number of different methods to provide free content to your customers.

  • Publishing your second folio in a multi-folio app

    After you create a multi-folio app and submit it to a store such as iTunes App Store, follow the steps provided here to publish your second folio—and each additional folio.

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