Learn the basics of arranging objects in Dimension, from moving, rotating, and scaling your 3D objects to easily snapping objects to each other.

What you learned: Select and reposition 3D objects

Object positioning in 3D

In 3D, objects have vertical (Y), horizontal (X), and depth (Z) coordinates.  Whether objects appear in front or back is controlled by their 3D coordinates and the current view of the camera.

Selecting objects

There are two ways to select objects:

  • Click an object in the Scene Panel
  • Activate the Select Tool, then click an object in the canvas

Use the Select tool

The Select Tool is the primary tool for arranging objects.  It allows you to do most transformations, including moving, rotating, and scaling objects.  To use the Select tool, first activate it on the toolbar, or use the default shortcut key V.

  • Activate the Select Tool (default shortcut V)
  • Click on the Pivot Handle to move the object along a surface
  • Click and drag on the arrow-shaped handles to move the object
  • Click and drag on the circle-shaped handles to rotate the object
  • Click and drag on the square handles to scale the object
  • Hold shift to scale uniformly or adjust rotation snapping
  • The gizmo handles are color-coded to represent the axis they correspond to:
    • Red for the X axis
    • Green for the Y axis
    • Blue for the Z axis
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