Create the perfect product shot or design stage with Dimension. Easily customize environments including color, lighting, and reflection options.

What you learned: Customize scene backgrounds by adjusting reflection effects, lighting, and color 

The environment is part of each Dimension scene. It includes the background, lighting, and ground plane, the space around your objects. Changes to the environment are global and affect all objects in the scene.

Edit the background

  • Select the environment
  • Click the Background swatch
  • Use the Color Picker to select a color or set an image to use as your background

Render preview

Enable the render preview to see advanced rendering effects like soft shadows, reflections, glowing materials, and depth effects.

Add ground reflections

  • Select the environment
  • Enable the Ground Plane option
  • Combine Reflection Opacity and Reflection Roughness to apply different types of ground reflection effects

Set up the lighting in 3D scenes

Dimension uses Physically Based Rendering (PBR), which means it mimics the real world. The lighting, materials, and camera all affect the final appearance. There are several types of lights you can use in Dimension:

  • Environment Lights are 360° spherical panoramic images that wrap around the scene and project light inward from every pixel. A scene can only contain one environment light at a time.
  • Directional Lights point from one direction only, but you can add multiple and combine them to create custom lighting setups.
  • Materials can also have a glow property, which makes them emit light. Glowing materials can be placed onto objects and will appear in the 3D scene.
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