About tracked URLs

Adobe Campaign enables you to track the behavior of your recipients when they click a URL included in an email. For more on tracking, see this section.

The Links icon in the action bar automatically displays the list of all the URLs of your content that will be tracked.



Tracking is activated by default. This functionality is only available for emails, if tracking has been activated in Adobe Campaign. For more on the tracking parameters, refer to this section.

The URL, category, label, and tracking type of each link can be modified from this list. To edit a link, click the corresponding pencil icon.


For each tracked URL, you can set tracking mode to one of these values:

  • Tracked: activates tracking on this URL.

  • Mirror page: considers this URL is a mirror page URL.

  • Never: never activates tracking of this URL. This information is saved: if the URL appears again in a future message, its tracking is automatically deactivated.

  • Opt-out: considers this URL as an opt-out or unsubscription URL.


You can also deactivate or activate tracking for each URL.


By default in Adobe Campaign, all content URLs are tracked except Mirror page URL and Unsubscription link.

You can regroup your URLs by editing the Category field, depending on the URLs used in the message. These categories can be displayed reports, as for example in URLs and click streams.


When building a report, from the Components tab, select Dimension and scroll down the list to access the tracking components. For example, drag and drop Tracking URL Category into the workspace to display results according to the tracking category of each clicked URL.


For more on building customized reports, see this section.

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