Accessibility in Adobe Captivate Prime

Learn how accessible Adobe Captivate Prime learning platform is in visual and auditory categories. Also learn how you can navigate the platform and perform the core responsibilities of the platform using the accessibility features.

Adobe Captivate Prime follows WCAG 2.1 guidelines for the “Learner Role” and provides details of the key workflows carried out by “Learners” in the platform.

Adobe Captivate Prime Accessibility Support

Adobe Captivate Prime ‘Learner’ role allows learners to navigate through the platform and take advantage of following key accessibility capabilities:

  •  Text to Speech using screen readers
  •  Keyboard navigation
  •  Closed captions (for Adobe Captivate content)
  •  Color contrast for graphics

Support for Screen Readers

Adobe Captivate Prime supports screen readers like NVDA and JAWS which enable learners to read out the text on Captivate Prime platform and navigate accordingly. Here is the screen reader and browser combination we support:

  • JAWS + Chrome
  • NVDA + Firefox
  • Voice-over + Safari

Support for Keyboard navigation

Learners can use the Tab and arrow keys to navigate through the pages. This helps the learners to navigate elements on the page and read content using a screen reader. 

Support for Closed Captions

Adobe Captivate Prime honors and displays closed captioning included in the interactive eLearning content from Adobe Captivate.

Captivate Prime supports the ability to upload closed caption WebVTT files for video content. For more information, see Upload WebVTT file for closed captioning.

Support for Color contrast

Adobe Captivate Prime supports 3:1 color contrast for user interface controls and 4.5:1 for text-based content and graphics which contain text displayed in the “Learner” role. 

Visit Adobe Captivate Prime Accessibility Conformance report to know the details of Adobe Captivate Prime’s support for above capabilities.

Captivate Prime Top workflows (Learner role)

Let’s look at how Accessibility features help you to navigate through some key features for learners in Captivate Prime.

Use the Tab key to navigate through the elements on the page. Use the Shift + Tab key to reverse the direction of navigation. Keyboard focus is indicated by a blue outline displayed around an element. A screen reader should read out the text of the element in focus.

Search for a training in Captivate Prime

  1. Use these cues to navigate and reach the Search box in the upper right of the home page. 
  2. Type text using the keyboard. Search results will appear.
  3. Use the keyboard Up/Down arrows to navigate through the results or hit ENTER to see all results. 
  4. Once the training is identified, hit ENTER to navigate to the training page. 

Consume a training in Adobe Captivate Prime

  1. Once a training is identified, use Tab or Shift + Tab to navigate to the Enroll/Start button. Button status depends on your enrollment status for that training. 
  2. Hit ENTER to start the training.
  3. Following are the controls which appear irrespective of the content type: 
    • Table of content
    • Play / Pause button
    • Full screen
    • Close button
    • Settings
    • Module name label
  4. Following are the controls which appear based on the content type:
    • VIDEO content – Forward, Backward controls
    • DOCUMENT content – Page number, Page up, Page down, Zoom in, Zoom out
    • eLEARNING – Closed caption button (only for content created in Adobe Captivate)
  5. Hit keyboard controls Tab or Shift + Tab to navigate through the controls and hit ENTER to enable/disable any control.
  6. For DOCUMENT type, use arrow controls like UP/DOWN to scroll through the document. 

Accessibility support for specific needs

Let’s look at the accessibility features learners can utilize based on their specific needs.

Users who are deaf or hard-of-hearing

  • Use closed captions available in content created using Adobe Captivate authoring tool.
  • For videos, authors can encode the videos with closed caption text. Such videos have closed captions embedded and can be consumed by the learners.

Users who are blind or with low-vision

  • Use of keystrokes Tab to navigate though the web page. 
  • Use of screen readers like NVDA, JAWS to read out the information on the web page. 
  • Use of screen magnifiers to zoom the screen to improve readability.

Users who have difficulty with color perception

Adobe Captivate Prime Learner role strives to provide users with a User Interface that is clear and readable in accordance with WCAG 2.1 standards.

Users who rely on the keyboard

Adobe Captivate Prime continues to focus on Accessibility and plans to improve the current capabilities which will allow learners of the system to navigate through the 'Learner' role better.