Create and modify skills and levels

Create, assign, and modify skills and levels.

Skills map is a grouping of skill sets, knowledge, and traits of an employee in an organization. These skills maps help companies/organizations to set or raise the performance expectations for its employees. Skills enable employees to align their behaviors to organizational expectations.

Adobe Captivate Prime enables you to map the performance of learners based on their skill sets using skills map. When learners complete taking up some courses, learners can know their standing against each skill by viewing the skill maps.

The fundamental purpose of Skills in the Captivate Prime LMS is to provide the Administrator with a tool that aligns learning with business goals.

Add a skill

As an Administrator, you can perform the following:

  • Map a domain to a skill.
  • Add multiple levels of a skill.
  • Add a badge to a level.

To add a skill, follow the steps below:

  1. On the left pane, click Skills. Give the skill a name and description.

    Add skill name and description
    Add skill name and description

  2. Assign a domain to the skill. While creating a skill, you can map it with the most relevant skill domains that Captivate Prime supports. For more information, see Map skill with domains.

    Start typing the domain in the field and you can see recommendations. Pick the option or options that is/are relevant to the skill.

    Map domain with skills
    Map domain with skills

  3. Assign the levels to the skill. To add a level, click Add.

    You can create and assign Skills to employees. There are various levels to skills and every level requires a certain number of credits to be earned.

    You can assign a maximum of three levels to one skill. The learning path is that of enrolling learners to various Learning Objects, which then translate to a certain number of credits that fulfill the requirements for the various levels of a skill.

    Once these Learning Objects (LOs) and levels have been achieved, the learner is now equipped to perform at a more productive level than before.

    Add skill levels
    Add skill levels


    When you add a skill, you can also assign decimals to credits. The credits are displayed up to two decimal places.

    Decimal support is only available in English.

  4. Choose a badge for the level. From the Badge drop-down list, select an image that must be used as a badge for that level.

  5. To save the changes, click Save.

    Once the skill has been created, you can locate the newly created skill on the Skill page. You can also see the domains and the brief description of the skill. You can also view the levels and the credits that have been assigned to each level.

    List of skills
    List of skills

Assign the skill to learners

Administrators can assign the skills to learners.

After you create your skills and save them, they get listed in the skills page. Now, you can start assigning these skills to learners as follows:

  1. On the Skill page, click the hyperlink with the number of learners enrolled to the skill. For a newly created skill, the number of learners for all levels are zero.

    Number of learners enrolled to a skill
    Number of learners enrolled to a skill

    For this example, add learners for Level 1. Click the hyperlink adjacent to Level 1.

  2. On the Learners dialog, click Add Learners.

    Add learners
    Add learners

  3. Search for learners and add the learners. You can also add user groups.

    Search and add learners
    Search and add learners

  4. To save the changes, click Save.

    After you assign the learners, all learners in a user group, if any, are auto-enrolled to the skill, by default. You can make the learners opt out of auto-enrollment by clicking the Auto Enroll button.

    Turn off auto-enrollment
    Turn off auto-enrollment

  5. After you click Close, you can see the total number of learners who have been assigned to the skill that you had created.

    In this example, there are two individual learners and three learners in a user group.

    Learners assigned to a skill
    Learners assigned to a skill

Assign the skill to a course

Once you create the skill, an author can create a course, and assign the skill to the course.

Assign skill to a course
Author assigns the skill to a course

After the author publishes the course, on the Skill page, you can see the count of the courses associated with a skill level, which is incremented when you assign the skill to a new course.

Skill assigned to the course
Skill assigned to the course

Assign a job aid to the skill

Job aids are training content that a learner can access without enrolling in any specific learning object like a Course or Learning Program.

While creating a job aid, an author can associate a skill level with it. Creating a job aid with no skill and associating it to a course with a skill does not link the skill to the job aid.

Create a job aid
Create a job aid

On the Skill page, you can see the number of job aids associated with that skill level.

Job aid assigned to the skill
Job aid assigned to the skill

Search a skill

Search for any skill by typing the name of the skill and choosing the skill from the options present. Type-ahead search is also applicable here.

You can search for skills in both the Active and Retired sections of the Skills page.

Edit a skill

On the Skill page, click the skill that you want to modify. In the Edit Skill dialog, make the required changes, for example, 

  • Adding or deleting a skill domain.
  • Editing the name and description of the skill.
  • Adding a skill level or modifying an existing level.
  • Adding or deleting a badge for a skill.

After you have made the changes, click Save.

Retire a skill

To retire a skill, on the Skill page, select the skill that you want to retire.

From the Actions menu, on the upper-right corner of the page, click Retire.


When you retire a skill, the skill no longer appears on the course.

When a skill is retired, it cannot be associated with any more courses or job aids or assigned to learners until it is republished. The existing associations and assignments are not affected by retirement of the skill.

Republish a skill

Once you have retired a skill, the retired skill appears in the Retired tab. The tab displays the list of all skills that are retired.

To republish a retired skill, choose the skill, and from the Actions menu, click Republish.

This restores the skill and you can see the skill again in the Active tab.

Delete a skill

You can only delete a skill that has been previously retired.

In the Retired tab, select the skill that you want to delete, and from the Actions menu, click Delete.


You can delete a skill only when it is not associated with any learners, courses, or job aids.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I remove a learner from a skill?

    You cannot remove a learner from a skill. You can however add new learners or user groups to the skill.

  2. How to auto-enroll learners to a skill?

    Auto enrollment feature is for user groups only. When you enroll a user group, for example, All Authors, to a skill and save it, by default, Auto enrolment is enabled. So any new additions to the user group All Authors are also assigned the skill.

    If you stop auto enrollment for that skill level for All Authors, any new users that get added to the All Authors user group are not assigned the skill.

  3. How to restart auto enrollment?

    Enroll the same user group to the skill level again for which Auto Enrollment had been stopped.

    Doing so restarts Auto Enrollment, and also the learners that were added to the group when this feature was Off, are assigned the skill now.

    That is, whenever you re-enroll a user group to start Auto Enrollment, it refreshes the user group members and assigns the skill to all current members.

  4. How can I assign a skill to a course?

    See the section Assign skills to a course for more information on the procedure.

  5. How do I change a skill level?

    To change a single or more levels in a skill, edit the skill, and modify the properties of the existing levels.

  6. How do I enable badges and skills so that they are tied to course completion?

    Skills can be tied to course completion while creating a course as an author. In the Settings section, you can set the skill criteria for course completion.

    Course skills
    Course skills

    To enable badges for course completion, in the Instances section of the Author app, enable the required badge.

  7. Can an Admin mark a badge as complete even if the badge shows "In Progress"?

    An Administrator can mark a Learning Object as complete. Skill and badges are associated with the Learning Object, and they cannot be marked Complete separately.

    In other words, to achieve the badge, one must complete the associated Learning Object.


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