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AEM Communities 6.2 was released with Communities package version 1.9.

Feature packs identified as version 1.10 provide AEM Communities 6.2 with early releases of features destined for AEM Communities 6.3 (version 1.11).

All version 1.10 feature packs are specifically for the AEM 6.2 platform and the most recent is recommended to be installed.  Each feature pack includes the fixes and improvements released in the previous feature packs.

If not installing version 1.10, be aware that future releases of version 1.9 will be limited and only to address specific issues.


The AEM platform service and fix packs never include updates to Communities features.

Communities updates and fixes are made available only through Communities feature packs. 

After installing an AEM platform service pack, it is not  necessary to re-install a Communities feature pack.

Version 1.10

Feature Pack 3 (FP3)

  • AEM-6.2-Communities-Livefyre-Feature-Pack-3
    • v1.10.167
    • 25 Apr 2017
  • AEM Communities SCORM Engine for enablement feature
    requires additional licensing for use in a production environment
    • v1.0.57
    • 12 Apr 2017
    • compatible with all AEM 6.2 Communities releases
  • Enablement 2.0 : the enablement features no longer store reporting information in MySQL. The MySQL dependency is only there for tracking SCORM content.
  • improved member self-registration
  • recover password/ID
  • email verification
  • migration tool
  • ability for allow any member to view enablement resources and learning paths in the catalog
  • social login update for Facebook API change (v2.2 not supported as of 3/25/2017)
  • all fixes and improvements from previous versions

Feature Pack 2 (FP2)

Feature Pack 1 (FP1)

Version 1.9

Version 1.9 Fix Pack

There are currently no fixes without adding new features.

The latest feature package should be installed.

6.2 GA

AEM Communities 6.2 provides :

More details are available on the AEM Communities release notes page.

Included in the AEM 6.2 GA release (1 May 2016) is 

  • cq-socialcommunities-pkg-1.9.236