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List of changes

Content Repository

  • Oak MicroKernel
    • Added ability to filter oak suggestions based on path
    • Added support for atomic increments to support scoring in Communities
    • Added support for MongoDB 3.0 and 3.2
    • Exposed config for DataStore Garbage Collection to set the age of files to be deleted
    • Fixed index corrupted due to error "DocumentNodeState is null for revision"
    • Fixed Observation Queue capacity issue
    • Granite to expose Faceted search in Oak
    • Included Oak broadcasting cache to improve read performance across AEM nodes cluster
    • MongoMK performance optimizations
    • Oak Solr to prevent from installing QueryIndexProvider unless configured
    • TarMK Revision Cleanup to check for required disk space before running
    • S3 Data Store Improvements
    • Please see Apache Jackrabbit Oak Jira v. 1.4.1 for a full overview of fixed issues.
  • Migration to Oak
    • Support for S3 in crx2oak migration tool
    • crx2oak can handle presence of Same-Name-Siblings nodes during migration



Offline revision cleanup is the recommended way of performing revision cleanup. Support for Online revision cleanup in AEM 6.2 is restricted (Support-Level 'R'). For more guidelines please see Choosing the Type of Revision Cleanup.


  • Included Apache Jackrabbit Filevault 3.1.20
  • Vault-RCP/Packages to optionally support versions
  • Fixed JcrPackageManager.listPackages method results when used custom filter
  • Fixed pause issue with JCR Installer
  • Fixed Package installation issue with FileDataStore
  • PackageShare can now be connected behind a Proxy Server
  • Automatic Vanity URL rules insertion into dispatcher


  • Assertion isInViewPort added to Hobbes
  • Server-Side JS improvements


  • ContextHub
    • ContextHub is aware of runMode configuration
    • Replaced property clientcontext.resolvedsegments with aem.resolvedsegments in ContextHub
  • Felix OSGI Container
    • Fixed security-relevant issue FELIX-4908
    • Fixed SSL filter URL decoding regression issue in Felix
    • Integrated fix for FELIX-4920
    • Fixed uninstall of imported OSGi Bundles to always get updated
  • Gibson PDF Library
    • Fixed issue in Gibson Library that caused PDF uploads to break indexing
  • Jetty Servlet Engine
    • Fixed infinite "Session Timeout" with Jetty
    • JSESSIONID Cookie in HTTPS Session contains now 'Secure' and ‘HttpOnly’ Attributes
  • Machine Learning
    •     New translation API
  • References
    • Improved performance for ReferenceProvider
    • Removed legacy coral3 components
  • REST
    • com.adobe.granite.rest.impl.servlet.DefaultServlet to prevent from acting as an OptingServlet
  • Sling 
    • Improve performance of Sling's resource handling
    • Performance improvements for SlingRepository.loginService
    • Update to latest Apache Sling API and Resource Resolver
    • Added Sling Commons Metrics
    • Added Sling Log Tracer to improve debugging options
    • GET requests have been disabled by default on the Sling Background Servlet. The servlet can be reconfigured to allow GET requests if needed.
  • Projects
    • Allows the Projects to be organized using folders. On the Projects page, you have the ability to create a project or a folder
    • Add support for list view of Projects


  • Improved performance for Log Analyzer in the diagnosis section of Operations Dashboard
  • Introduced scheduled ThreadDump collector service
  • Removed usage of deprecated components in Operations Dashboard
  • Operations Dashboard to avoid overlap of maintenance windows
  • Workflow purge to exit when reached end of maintenance window
  • Added Metrics library, exposed via Monitoring in Operations Dashboard and JMX


  • Allow replication to map different source and target paths
  • Fixed batch replication regression issue introduced with 6.0 SP2
  • Fixed replication permission check for deleted nodes
  • Improved performance for with page activations
  • Optimized ressource consumption of method ReplicationStatus.isDelivered
  • Resilience improved for replicationContent property writes
  • Offloading support now forward replication to transport offloading results

Repository Migration

See the CRX2Oak Release Notes for a complete list of changes.

  • Enabled suggestions for Omnisearch in Projects
  • Omisearch configuration metadata to support global configuration of the search predicates
  • Omnisearch provides results based on context
  • OmniSearch to work with suggestions, containing location information
  • Predicate Suggestion to create queries query parameters
  • Omnisearch to provide a way to load client libs on a search result page


  • Security - OAuth
    • Granite OAuth server supports now for OAuth Server Assertions Framework
    • Support for refresh_token for User Authentication
  • Security - SAML
    • Fixed missing SessionIndex in SAML PingFederate Single Log-off
    • Fixed potential vulnerabilites in SAML Handler
    • SAML handler to handle empty or blank defaultGroups
  • Security - UI
    • Added Omnisearch to Security UI
    • Removed usage of deprecated components in Security UI
    • User account details open up in edit mode when group member is selected
    • Secondary UI For User Profile Management
    • Allow multiple and public profiles in Profile Management
    • Added configurable X-FRAME-OPTIONS header to avoid click-jacking


  • Async property to be read from node and set in markup of fileupload
  • Enabled reordering for table rows in TouchUI
  • Fixed potential credential caching by browser
  • Fixed Admin session closure in HtmlLibraryManagerImpl
  • Fixed rewrite of embedded data URL's in CSS ClientLib
  • Fixed various XSS vulnerability across AEM UI's
  • Forms to show notification after reloading
  • Improved pagination limit when switching the collection view
  • Improved user/group selection in Touch-UI
  • UX for selecting an item inside a hierarchy
  • Selector support included with ComponentHelper
  • Response handler in foundation-form to provide form POST responses via prebuild logic to avoid custom code required
  • Optimized use of shared sessions in HTML client library manager
  • LESS-based clientlibs to recompile after AEM 6.0 -> 6.1 Upgrade
  • Migration to use new Coral.WizardView
  • Navigation upon table row click in TouchUI
  • Improved rendering performance with Coral 3 & Shell 3


  • Added a group for workflow administrators
  • Configurable batch size for workflow purge task
  • Fixed authorisation bypass security vulnerability in Workflows
  • Fixed issue where Task stays in Inbox after completion
  • Fixed participant step dialog when workflows with OR splits involved
  • Fixed Workflow creation collision during multi-threaded workflow creation
  • Fixed workflow hang in NO_OPERATION status
  • Optimized admin session usage in ResourceCollectionManagerListener
  • Workflow performance improvements
  • Fixed Workflow inbox issues