The dispatcher fails to delete the cache files for handles containing an underscore character (e.g. a_bis_z, leib_seele, informationen_ueber).

The dispacther log contains entries such as:

[Tue May 15 12:38:48 2007] [I] [5271] activation detected!! cq-action=Activate [/content/app/intranet/startseite/a_bis_z]
[Tue May 15 12:38:48 2007] [W] [5271] Touched stat file '/data/htdocs/cache/.stat'
[Tue May 15 12:38:48 2007] [D] [5271] FlushCaches /data/htdocs/cache/content/app/intranet/startseite/a_bis_z.*
[Tue May 15 12:38:48 2007] [D] [5271] Skipping temporary cache file: a_bis_z.html
[Tue May 15 12:38:48 2007] [D] [5271] cache flushed
[Tue May 15 12:38:48 2007] [I] [5271] OK (200)


It is a dispatcher bug


Please upgrade your dispatcher to the most recent version. This problem has been fixed in version 4.0


Dispatcher versions < 4.0

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