This document covers frequently asked questions about Image Presets (also called image formats or macros).

How do I add a layer to an image preset? Do you have information about instant templates?

When creating the Image Preset, add the following under the URL Modifiers:


Save the Image Preset and Submit a publish job.

Here is an example Image Preset. The preset is called Layer_Ab.

Working example: 5FOld?$Layer 5FAb$

Using req=resolve, you can see the layering commands that are set in the preset:$Layer_Ab$&req=resolve

Can you use Image Presets with IR requests?

Image presets can reference IR images, as can templates. Or, you can also wrap entire IR requests inside IS requests to apply image-only presets.$adobeTest$)

Where vignette object is defined as objectID and adobeTest is a defined preset. You can replace the parenthesis curly brackets.

What is the maximum URL query length for a preset?

The maximum query URL length for presets is 512 characters.


If you think you're running into this limit, check the length of the URL query string in the preset setup. The content after the ? has the limit of 512 characters.

For example:


The default parameters alone use 90 characters.

What is the difference between an Image Preset and macro?

You create Image Presets in SPS by choosing Setup > Image Presets. When publishing to a Scene7 Image Server, the image presets are stored in a Macro file with a .mac filename extension and sent to the image servers. This .mac file is a manifest file that can be sent to an FTP server.

What are Image Formats?

Image presets were formally known as image formats in IPS classic. The image format nomenclature was discontinued with the introduction of SPS.

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