Recovering Lightroom for mobile (iOS) photos using iTunes File Sharing


When you start the app, Lightroom for mobile begins performing some housekeeping tasks in the background. During the process, it displays the following alert message:

'Lightroom detected a corrupted database. Please save your photos through iTunes File Sharing. After that, you need to reinstall Lightroom from the App Store. We apologise for the inconvenience.'

To avoid losing your Lightroom mobile photos, you can recover your files through iTunes File Sharing. Follow the workaround steps mentioned below.

Product versions affected

Lightroom for mobile (iOS) 2.7.0 and newer

Operating system



  1. Open iTunes on your Mac or personal computer.

  2. Connect your iOS mobile device to your computer.

  3. In the iTunes window, click the device icon in the upper left corner (shown in the image below).

    Select the connected mobile device in iTunes

  4. Your connected mobile device shows up in iTunes. Now select Apps in the left pane.

    Apps installed on the connected mobile device in iTunes

  5. In the right pane, scroll down to reveal the File Sharing area.

  6. In the File Sharing area, select Lightroom in the list.

    All the Lightroom mobile files appear on the right side. There are two or three folders, save all of them by dragging them to your Desktop to not miss any files. Your photos might be spread across these folders, they are named .JPG or .DNG.

    Copy Lightroom folders in the iTunes File Sharing area

Once you have recovered your Lightroom mobile photos, you can now re-install the Lightroom for mobile app from the App Store. 

  • If you use Lightroom for mobile without signing in, you can copy the recovered photos to your mobile device and then import these photos into Lightroom for mobile (iOS). To know how to import photos from the device Gallery, see Import photos in Lightroom for iPhone and iPad.
  • If you are a paid Creative Cloud member or a free trial user, you can use Lightroom on your desktop to resync photos with the Lightroom for mobile app. For details, see Sync Lightroom across desktop and mobile platforms.  

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