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Activation is a required process that associates the Adobe products you use with the computers on which you use them. Activation protects your computers and environment from malicious code by ensuring that you are using genuine Adobe software. See the Technical Communication Suite FAQ for activation information specific to Technical Communication Suite, or Adobe software activation for a full definition of activation.

Note: To activate an Adobe product, it's necessary to connect to the Internet. Customer Support cannot activate your software over the phone if you don’t have an Internet connection. If you don't expect to have Internet access within the 30-day activation window, you could need to return the product for a refund. For details on Adobe return policies in your region, see Return or change Adobe orders.

Follow the steps below to activate the software. (These steps apply whether you have a boxed, downloaded, or volume license copy of Technical Communication Suite 2019FrameMaker 2019, or RoboHelp 2019.)  If your company has a volume license agreement, activate all computers using the software.

  1. Connect to the Internet and start your software.  When it detects an Internet connection, your software silently connects to the activation server, which activates the software. You don't have to do anything besides connecting to the Internet. 

    Note: With Technical Communication Suite 2019, you can connect to the Internet using a proxy server as well. If your company has firewall restrictions that prevent computers from connecting to the Internet, have your IT Administrator contact Adobe Customer Support.      

  2. If you have access to the Internet and are still unable to activate your software, contact Adobe Customer Support for assistance.  
  • Connect to the Internet at least once within 30 days of the first launch of your serialized product.  
  • If you don’t connect to the Internet during the first 7 days, you see a reminder each time you start the application for the next 23 days.  
  • If the product is not activated after 30 days, the application will not start until an Internet connection is detected and the software can be activated. 

Additional information

Adobe does not gather, transmit, or use personal information about you during activation. It does gather information about your computer, your computer’s operating system, and the Adobe software in use on your computer. It also gathers the Adobe serial number associated with that software. In addition, Adobe receives the Internet Protocol address of your Internet connection.

Note: Product activation is different from product registration, which is optional. See the Product Registration page for more detail.


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