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PSC World has been accredited as a trust service provider (TSP) by Mexico’s Secretariat of Economy (PSC) since December 2005.  They are a subsidiary of Detecno and are headquartered in Mexico City.  PSC World delivers NOM 151 certification services, time stamping, and digital signature services in Mexico.  Identity verification services must be done in-person via appointment since remote verification services are not currently allowed in Mexico.

PSC World’s advanced electronic signatures, combined with its NOM 151 certification service (in Spanish), deliver compliance with Mexico’s e-signature regulation.  The NOM 151 is a technical regulation in Mexico governing the integrity of a digitally signed document by creating a timestamp of the document bytes on a specific date. With the use of Advanced Digital Signatures together with the NOM 151, both the identity of the remote signer and the integrity of the document are proven in accordance with Mexican regulations.

Using the Cloud Signature Consortium open standard, PSC World offers the following signing certificates that work with Adobe Acrobat Sign cloud signatures:

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Please review Configure cloud signature providers for more information on how to best set up cloud signatures for use in your organization.

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