The user interface has been simplified in Dreamweaver CC and later. As a result, you may not find some of the options described in this article in Dreamweaver CC and later. For more information, see this article.

You can specify fonts, font sizes, colors, and other items for your links. By default, Dreamweaver creates CSS rules for your links and applies them to all links you use on the page. (The rules are embedded in the head section of the page.)


If you want to customize individual links on a page, you need to create individual CSS rules, and then apply them to the links separately.

  1. Select Modify > Page Properties, or click the Page Properties button in the text Property inspector.
  2. Choose the Links (CSS) category and set the options.

    Link Font

    Specifies the default font family to use for link text. By default, Dreamweaver uses the font family specified for the entire page unless you specify another font.


    Specifies the default font size to use for link text.

    Link Color

    Specifies the color to apply to link text.

    Visited Links

    Specifies the color to apply to visited links.

    Rollover Links

    Specifies the color to apply when a mouse (or pointer) hovers over a link.

    Active Links

    Specifies the color to apply when a mouse (or pointer) clicks on a link

    Underline Style

    Specifies the underline style to apply to links. If your page already has an underline link style defined (through an external CSS style sheet for example), the Underline Style menu defaults to a “don’t change” option. This option alerts you to a link style that has been defined. If you modify the underline link style using the Page Properties dialog box, Dreamweaver will change the previous link definition.

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