How to access DTM through Marketing Cloud
Learn how to access DTM through Marketing Cloud


  • Marketing Cloud - only access - DTM companies
  • Try using incognito browsing mode or private browsing window


  1. As a Marketing Cloud Administrator launch the Enterprise Dashboard

  2. Navigate to Products tab, and select Dynamic Tag Management product.

  3. To add a configuration, click the + icon on upper-right corner.

  4. Name the configuration (as per your requirement, for example, DTM Admins)

  5. Under Permissions, select "Admins" from drop-down and "Save" the configuration. 

  6. Next, navigate to "Users" tab, and select the user (who needs access to DTM).

  7. Add the above created configuration to the user, and "Save".

  8. Once done, you can launch DTM from via "Activation" (Try using Incognito mode).

Similarly, you can gain "Approvers", "Publishers" or "Approvers + Publishers" access in DTM by creating a configuration for each of them by following the steps 1 to 5 above (Choose the required configuration in place of DTM Admins as per the case).

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