Note: As of November 2015, Edge Animate is no longer being actively developed. Learn more.

The following issues reported post Edge Animate 5.0 (October 2014 release) have been fixed in the 2014.1.1 update (also referred to as the 5.0.1 update).

  1. When you adjust the order of layers in the Elements panel, or delete keyframes, error messages appear.

  2. OAM files placed in Adobe Muse: Settings for Edge Animate scroll effects do not work.

    (Until the next Muse update, you may have to turn off AutoPlay in the Edge Animate composition before publishing the OAM file.)

  3. Issues with stop, play and playreverse when added to the first frame.

  4. Fixes in Audio/Video playback on iOS devices.

  5. Audio controls are not visible when AutoPlay is off.

  6. When replaying animations Edge Animate does not reset all elements. Also, clipped files remain on screen and are not reset.

  7. When bindTriggerAction is used, only the latest registered Action is triggered. Expected behavior: All actions associated with the symbol must be triggered.

  8. When HTM files are opened in Edge Animate, an error message is displayed. This issue is not seen with HTML files.

  9. Published HTML file does not load in browser. Removing "use strict;" from the edge.js file makes the file load as intended.

  10. TextShadow and LineHeight work incorrectly.

  11. Incorrect syntax generated when upgrading some compositions.

  12. New runtime stricter with bindings of a non-existent symbol instance. When projects with non-existent symbols are opened in Edge Animate 5.0, an error message is displayed.

  13. Unexpected behavior when trying to toggle Display using On, Off, and Always On.

  14. Cosmetic issue with comments after clicking Playback and toggling Play/Pause.

  15. Edge API removeClass function removes only one class at a time while the same function from jQuery can remove multiple classes at a time. Also, addClass not working as intended.

  16.  Added the missing API for symbol getSymbolTypeName, and seek

  17. Custom fonts do not work when embed code is used instead of CSS.

  18. Fixes in createSymbolChild, createChildSymbol, deleteSymbol and getChildSymbols APIs.

  19. Guides do not get deleted when brought back to the ruler.

  20. Fixes in bind and unbind API without jQuery. Fixes in property tweens on some specific cases of opacity values.

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