When you launch Edge Animate CC (2014 version), an error appears on the Welcome screen.

When Edge Animate CC (2014 version) is launched, the following error message appears on the Welcome Screen:

notfound error_animate

This error message also appears on Stage while creating a new file (File > New).


Additional information

Edge Animate internally connects to the TCP port 54321. If this port is already being used by another application, you will see the above error message on Stage.


Ensure that the TCP port 54321 is available for Edge Animate by performing the following steps:


  1. Close Edge Animate.
  2. Review all the processes and ports that are currently in use on your computer. To do so, use TCPView. Download TCPView by clicking here.
  3. Launch TCPView. Sort the port number and check if 54321 is listed. If it is listed, close the program that is using the port.
  4. Re-launch Edge Animate.


  1. Close Edge Animate.
  2. To find out if port 54321 is being used by another application, run the following command in your terminal window: 
  3. lsof –n | grep 54321 | awk ‘{print $2}’

    If another application is using 54321, this command returns the process ID of the application. Make a note of the process ID. 

  4. To find the process that is using the port, run the following command in the terminal:
  5. ps <process_ID_returned_in_the_previous_step>

  6. Close or quit the process that is returned by the above command.
  7. Relaunch Edge Animate.

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