Note: As of November 2015, Edge Animate is no longer being actively developed. Learn more.

Damaged preferences files can cause crashes, errors, and other unexpected behavior in Edge Animate. Follow the instructions below to restore preferences to the default settings.

Windows users: Some of the procedure below require you to access hidden folders. By default, Windows does not display hidden folders or files. For instructions on showing these hidden folders, see Show hidden files, folders, and filename extensions | Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Mac OS 10.7 "Lion" users: Some of the procedure below require you to access your user Library folder. In Mac OS 10.7, Apple has made this folder hidden. For instructions to access your user Library, see Access hidden user library files | Mac OS 10.7 Lion.

Remove existing preferences

  1. Quit Edge Animate.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Mac OS: In the Finder, navigate to /Users/Your User Name/Library/Preferences/Adobe.
    • Windows: In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\Adobe.
  3. Rename the Edge Animate folder to, for example, Old Edge Animate.

Try to re-create the problem

After you have removed your existing preferences, restart Edge Animate. The application creates new preferences files and folders using the default settings. 

Then try to re-create the problem that you had before.

If the problem was resolved, then damaged preferences was the cause.

If the problem persists, then the preferences are not the cause and you can replace the original preferences.

To replace the original preferences, do the following:

  1. Quit Edge Animate.

  2. Delete the new preferences folder, and restore the original name of the previous folder.

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