As of November 2015, Edge Animate is no longer being actively developed. For more information, see Edge family of products | End of development.

e-magazines published through Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) can be made more engaging and interesting by including Edge Animate compositions in them. Edge Animate lets you publish the compositions as OAM files that can be easily included in Adobe InDesign (part of DPS).

In addition, Edge Animate compositions can be used as navigation aids within an e-magazine. Elements in a composition can be hyperlinked to specific articles in the magazine where the animation will be embedded. Readers can click these hyperlinked elements to quickly jump to the relevant article.

You can set up hyperlinking between the elements of a composition and the required Adobe DPS articles right from within Edge Animate. You can then test the linking by publishing the animation as OAM files and embedding them within the articles. 

To hyperlink elements to articles or pages in an Adobe DPS article:

  1. Click {} adjacent to Stage on Timeline.

  2. Select a trigger from the list that appears in the Actions editor. It is recommended that you choose the compositionReady event for setting up navigation.

    Actions editor showing the compositionReady event
    Actions editor showing the compositionReady event

  3. In the Pick An Action section, click Adobe DPS, and then click Navigate Article. Specify the Article Name and Page No you want to link to. You can also edit the code to specify these details as explained in Step 5.

    Adobe DPS action options in Actions editor

  4. In the Pick A Target section, click stage, and then double-click the name of the element that is the target for the action above.

  5. (Optional) Edit the code to specify one of the following:

    • The name of the article in the required Folio in Adobe InDesign and the page number


    sym.$("Rectangle").append('<a style="display:block;width:100%;height:100%;" href="navto://my_article_Name#my_page_number"/>');
    • Relative link to articles, such as first, last, next, previous, or current


    To navigate to the last page of the last article in the folio, use navto://relative/last#last 

    sym.$("Rectangle").append('<a style="display:block;width:100%;height:100%;" href="navto://relative/last#last');

    For more information on using relative navto hyperlinks, see the Adobe DPS documentation.