Unable to create ReportBuilder requests

When you try to create ReportBuilder requests, the RequestWizard sometimes does not display on your screen. Any additional attempts to create a request result in the following error:

You first need to complete the request wizard process before starting a new one.



Solution 1: Move the request wizard onscreen

  1. Open Microsoft Excel and log in to the report builder add-in.
  2. Click Create, which opens the request wizard offscreen.
  3. Hold the [Alt] key, and then press [Space].
  4. Press the [M] key.
  5. Press any of the arrow keys.
  6. Move your mouse, which attaches the request wizard to your cursor.
  7. Click the mouse to release the request wizard onscreen.

Solution 2: Reenter a two-monitor setup

  1. If you have access to a two-monitor setup, connect your computer to it.
  2. Open Microsoft Excel and log in to the report builder add-in.
  3. Click Create, which opens the request wizard on one of your monitors.
  4. Drag the request wizard to your other screen.
  5. Return to your single-monitor setup, and log in to ReportBuilder.
  6. After you click Create, the request wizard displays properly.

Additional information

This message appears when you attempt to create a report builder request when the request wizard is open. Sometimes the request wizard initially displays offscreen, especially if you move from a two-monitor setup. (The error could occur if you have a laptop that plugs into a dual-screen setup, then take your laptop home and create a report builder request).

Additional resources

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